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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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SOUTH-WESTEBN DIALECT OP MUWAPOBE.                                    115


1.    Alas, what hast thou done, O Krishna ?   Where hast thou gone ?

2.    Why art thou lying on the ground ?   Is it certain that thou art going to leave


3.    Why art thou making Vrindavana a desert ?

4u   In the Treta age I was Lakshmaua.   When I fell struck by the lafttf-spear,

5.    Thou didst weep and wast inconsolable.

6.    In this, Dvapara, age thou art the younger, and hast made me the elder.

7.    Is it for this reason, 0 Krishna, that thou makest me to bear all this sorrow ?

8 & 9.   Thou hast put her in prison in whose womb thou wast conceived, and hast
placed upon her breast a stone.

The next specimen is an account of a good boy in the same dialect*