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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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SOUTH-WESTERN DIALECT OP MIDNAPOEE.                                   117

chakri korbbin.     Jau-san   kaya tin khum uchcha   payya        habe.   Amanna-ke
service he-will-do. Everybody says  his   very     high rank (post) will-be.      TFs*to
tn    ma    balea    je,   ' mor ja thaite thaite mui    kabbhu    parakke      bibhui
his mother   says    that, *my life     lasting      I   at-any4ime son*to foreign-country

chharbd-ni       Mor    ki     nai?   katta-re      atta      saggal?    kallag^a       atta
will-leave-not.     My   what   not ? 'whom-for  so-much      all ?      whom-for    so-much

abar       kochchhi?   mor janturoani (a corruption of   gentleman)   chakri    kam
property I*have*done$   my                respectable-(sori)-for                 service necessity

nai ?    appa,                kara                     dhyaya-dhapya              bara;   mor    busTai

not? 0-father(sto)> some-body*of        running-(and)-bustling       twelve;  my    sitting

thayfa         tera.        Ki       habe chakre-bakrL Ghare bnsya           du-bati

remaining    thirteen.   What   ucill*be      service.     Mouse sitting twice-twenty-bighas

chash        kolle           lagya          bhot/

cultivation   i/*done (would)-provide much.9

Sanrendra Babu, the younger son of Nar-narayap. Babu of Narayangarh is a very
nice boy. He is as open-hearted and equal-tempered, as he is charming. He is
about fourteen or fifteen years of age, and all this time he has been so sweet, that
servants, slaves, neighbours, everyone, when they hear his gentle language, are full of
his praises. He is never heard to utter a single angry or trivial word. Our Nitai is his
friend, and is so very intimate with him, that they eat and sleep and sit together, and
every day they go together to Bahurupa village school to recite their lessons.
There is a report that he will go up in the month of Chaitra of this year to Midna-
pore, and will there pass an examination before the Sahib, and will get into Government
service. Everyone says that he will ultimately obtain a very high post. But his
mother says to us, * As long as I live, I shall not let my son go away to a distant
country. What is there that I have not plenty of ? Tor whom is all this property of
mine, if not for him ? For whom have I collected so much wealth ? My " gentleman "
has no necessity for taking service. My darling, " others may earn twelve by running
and bustling, but we will earn thirteen by sitting quietly at home."l What is the use
of taking service ? With forty bighas of land we shall have plenty to eat while we stay
at home/
1 This is & well-known proverb.