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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[ No. 25.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                    (EASTERN GROUP.)
NOBTHEBK DIAIBCT.                                                                             (DlNAJPUR DlflTKICT.)
Bk    jan    manusher    dui    chhaoya (chhawa)      cbbila.    Tayder    madhye
One person    man's       two               8<m                   were.     Of-them    among
chbota       chhaoya      apau     bay-ke      kahil,    'Bap!         sampater         ]e
the-.young        son       his-own father-to    said, 'Father!   of-the-property     what
bhag hami    pam,       ta    hamak   den.'     Tahat.     se   tayder   madh'e    Mahay
glare     I    will-get,   that   me-to   give.'   Thereon   he of-them   among property
bba»           karg         diI6n.   Kiehhii    din    pat     cbbota    ohbaoja        tabat
division   having-made   gave.    Some    days   after   the-young     son        everything
6k     tbai       kar«              dur   delafc       obalg         gel,     ar       sei   tbli      se
one  place kaving-made   a-far   land-in   having-gone   went,   and   in-that-place  he
aparimit      bebbare     apanar    sampafc                 uray              dile.    Se     tabat
riotous  in-behaviour   his-oion   property httving-caased-to-ily gave.   Me everything
kharaoh       karS                pbelI6            sei      deJat        bbari      akal         hail,
spent    having-made   hawtpioaited    that    land-in    a-severe famine      became,
at       se      kasbtet            paiba       lagil.      Tekhan      se            giya            sei
and      he    in-trouble        to-fall      began.      Then       he      having-gone    thai
defer      ek      Jan         giiaster         alra         nile.      Se         lok         tahak
of-eountry   a    person  houteholder-of   refuge       took.    That    person       him
apanar   matbat   taor   cbaraba      patbay      dile.      "Pacbhat         ^uor            ]e
his-om  in-field  pigs    to-feed   having-sent   gave.    Afterwards    the-pigs       what
khosa         kbay         sei         de              se       pet         bbariba       man    karil,
husks    used-to-eat    those   oyweane-of   he    the-belly      to-fill        mind  made,
kintuk     keha         tak       dile       na.     Pachhat     ebetan            pay              se
but      any-one    him-to    gave      not.   Afterwards  senses   having-obtained    he
kahil,    'hamar      baper           keta             darmahadar       cbakar      be^i      b&i
said,       'my       father's      horn-many      mge-getting      servants    much    muck
kbabar      pay,       ar       hami      hgtha      bbuke        mari.   Hami         ntb§
to-eat      get,      and       I            here   in-hwger      die.       I     taring-risen,
apan         baper                kaottnat                 1am,     tahak      balim,        "Bap,
myown     father's       in-neighbourhood      will-go,    him-to    I-will-sag,   "Father,
hami       s'arger            birodhe           ar      tumar      sakkVat      pap       karichbi;
I      of-heaven      in-opposition      and       thy        before        sin      have-done;
bami      ar         turner      chhaoya       bale-balabar         Jog,         naM;     bamak
J       more         thy            son           of-being-called      worthy    am-not;      **