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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"


[No. 28.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)


NORTHERN DIALECT.                                                            (MALDA DISTEICT.)

(Babu Badesh Chandra Set, 1897.)

CTF? irt^OT wi Ttepr wi ifftOTt i CTI ^»ta? ^11 ^ *rt^ T^VI ffrrtw

faffl  Tt*OT I    Vfif TtFfl Ht^ f «1  ^ ft^T TOT Ttfan Tf^ ^^ c^[?r>

i  CTI ^ ^^ *tftn ^t^i ^tf% ^n    t? ^t^ji ffiw ^ra^ ^stir ^t^fji 1%


Yyak     (yak)    badragi      girast       baii    mangsa     kbate     blialo-basto,
One        irritable family-man    much    meat       to-eat         liked.
Yyak     din    se    pSthar    mangsa    kina      anya     apnar      bok    rantc   kahya
One    day    he     kid's       meat    buying bringing Ms-oivn wife-to to-cook saying
bahre    cbalya       gyalo.    Bo     bhatarer    katha     mata      mangsa     randfra
out      going       went.    Wife   husband's    word according-to  meat having-cooked
h5syale         yyak    basune     dhakya    rakhle.    Magar    achka    yyak    kutta
cook-room-in   one     pol4n    covering   kept.       But    suddenly   one      dog
ai    hasyal-gliare       sandbiya       mangsa     kliayya         pbgkls           thora
that   Mtchefcittto   having-eutered     meat        eating    having-throivn      tittle
tbaklo.       Bo      u     jante      payya    bakabaki       karya     kuttak       blkya
remained.   Wife that  to-know   getting    haste      making    the-dog     driving
dile,   matari    bbatar            asya           ki     kahbe    sei     dare     kaptS     laglo.
gave,     but    husband having-come,   what .will-say that fear-at shivering  began.
Ar     kunu     npay     na      dSkhya,   bhatarer    bat    hote   baclibar    kyane,
'Other    any     means    not     finding, husband's hand   from    saving     for,
tak      kuttar      athya     maogsa      khate     dile.     Maagsa     thora     kyane
him      dog's     lewings     meat        to*eat    gave.       Meat       short       tohy
bbatar            puchhlfe,             bo       kaMfe   chhaoyal-(cbbawal)-paoyale   (pawale)
husband    twing-enquired,     ^c^fe     replied,        •   *       children