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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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In the Malda District there are some 65,000 people, members of Koch tribes, who
now speak a patois of Northern Bengali. The following are specimens of this patois.
As it closely follows the ordinary Northern Bengali of Malda it is not necessary to give a
grammatical analysis of its forms. For the same reason it is only given in the Roman
and not in the Bengali character. It is sufficient fco notice the forms ar, his, and ak, to
him. Note also the way in which the third person of the past tense drops all termin-
ations as in kahil, he said; dil, he gave, and many others. The Bihari auxiliary verb
chhe, he is, used in dhoy-chhe, he caught, mru-chhi^ I am dying, et0., is noteworthy.
The specimens are the same as the two preceding ones. It is a curious fact that the
grammar of this specimen is much more like that of Oriya than like that of Bengali.
HODOSON, B. H.,—Miscellaneous Essays rekting to Indian tufyects.   London, IggQ.   Section I, On the
S.oeeh} B6do, and Dihim&l Tribes, contains a vocabulary of KocL Bengali.