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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 29.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)
Yyak(yak) jhona-manser du4a byata acbhlo.    Ar-rnadhye   ehhoto   byata ar    baba-ke
One     person-marts   two sons    were.   Thcrn*among younger son   his father-to
kahil, 'baba, nial-jalar     36    hisa mui     p56,     so   mok    do.'      Tat t5i ar-ghore
said, 'father, property's which sliare  1 shall-get, that  me    give.*   Then he     them.
mal-jal   iasakari dil.     Thora   din   bad tipan mal-jal     mothe      kari        liya
property dividing gave.    A-few days offer  his property in»bundle making  taking
vid'as1    cbali gyal   Se chb5ch-p3cb-kayi  sab   mal-jal   phuiya-dil, tyaklmn       ai
distant-country toent. Se     licentiously       all property      lost,          then       that
dyasat   kbub   akal   pari-gSla, ar se bara     muskilc     pari-gcL    Tyakliun     ax
country-in great famine     fell,  and he great dijficulty*in   fell.         Then      that
dyasat 'jai yyak saboriyak dhoycbhc* Ai a-kc pStharat suot cbaraba Jaba kahil
country-to going one townsman he*cwght. He Mm in-field pigs to-feed td-go said,
li snorer kbab bbusi di pyat bbaraba pale kbusi hoto,          se bbusi-6
Se pigs9 food   husk with stomach to~fill*in getting glad would*have~been, that husfatoo
kicbbu ak   kebai     dilc na,     Jyakbun ar  budb baycbhila, tyakhun tsi kahil, * mor
some him anybody gave not.      When his senses    were,       then   he said,  * my
bapar   darmaha-kbaoya chakarer   gharat     yyato    kbab chhe   p     pbglya-t6lya
father's     salary-eating    servants' house-in so-much   food    is   that throwing-away
khay, ar mui bhokat    maruchbu. Mui utbya baba-tbyan§  jarnu^    ar   tak  kahmu,
eat, wd I hunger-by am-dying.    I rising  father-to   shall-go, and  him    say,
"baba,   mui   sargatc,      ar      tote    pap     koicbhu,   m6«ko tor cbhglya   kahba
"father,   I     heaven-to   and    thce-to sin     committed,   me     thy    son      to-say
ui         bay*     Mo-ke tui darmaba kari chakar thu.n *    Se     utbja    babar-tbyane
not   is (proper).   Me  thou salary fixing servant keep." f   He getting*up father-to
gyal.      Dher       dur        tbakte,     ar   bap   ak   dekhil, kbub dukh     karil,     ar
went.    Great   distance remaining, his father him   saw,  much regret    made,   and
datura     asi    tar   ghar       dhari   chumakbail.    Tyakhun   ai   cbb81Ta     bap-ke
running coming his shoulders grasping    kiss    ate.       Then   that      son     father-to
kahil, cbaba, mui     sargate*       ar        tote    pap      karuchu,   mui ar tor ljjyata
said,' father, I     heaven-to      and     theHo    sm    committed,   I  and thy son
h&ba    jog ua hu,»        Baba    chakar subai-ke kabil, < bhala kapur anek-jaya, tak
becoming fit not   am.9     Father servants ail-to    said, 'good clothes fetch,    hm
1 Spelt IKifffc in Bongali cbiracter.  Bx W the $oand of r U mdeatly htendei