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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

pindha,   ar  hatat  angut,  plot    jota     dg.    Mor ei Vata hariya gelchhil,
put-on,  and hand-at ring,  feet-at shoes   give.    My this ton   lost      vu
paoya gel;    mari gelchhil, baicbi utliichhe.  Akhun mora khai dai, anand kari.'
is-recovered; dead   was,    hat-survived,     Now   we   eat give, merry make.'
Tyakhun bara Vata bhuiyat aichhil.   Jyakhim ai ghurya ail, barir   bhfra ail,
Then  elder son f eld-in was.      When   he returned, hovse-of near came,
t'akhun  git   mangaler cbala pail.  Bk-ta cnakar-ke daM kabil,' ei-tban& igla sab
then   song rejoicing's sound got.    One    servant calling said,    'here  this all
Id  hachhe?' Chakar   tak kabil, ' t5r blmi    aionbe, tak bbala pay-bane e-ta
uhat    is T     Servant him said,  ' thy brother has-cme, him well  getting   one
bboj dyacbbe (dachbe).' S kafcha suni ar ag ha'il, bari ni dhukil.
feast (he^is-giving.* That word hearing Us anger grew, house not entered.
rMkhun tar baba babial, ar ta-ke kata blmjal Bara byata bape-ke
Then .his father out-came, and 1m  how-much persuaded. Elder son father-to
kahle, *dyakli, bahut bachhar hacbhe, mui   t5r   syaba karuoliu,  tor katha mui
said,   'look, many   years    passed,   I    thy service am-dowg, thy orders I
kakkbanu   ni      kati,    tao   tui  mo-ke k-ta patha dilu-na $ mui   ddse-ke
ever      not violated, still thou,   me      a     kid gavest-not that  I   friends
nii     anand      karnm.       Ar  fakhim   tor     ei  byata  gbur^aaU   jai tor
taking    joy     shall-make.     And    when    thy    this  son    returned,  uho thy
mal-jal    luchcbabajit uryia diichLe, tar  takhne    tui  bboj dili.'   T^ tyakhun
property   on-profligacy     wasted,    his sake-for  thou feast gavest.' tie    then
tak   kabil,' byata, tui   to    sab-din mor thgne acbbis, mor   je jinis-pati cbbe,
him'to said, ' son,  thou indeed always me with   art    my which thmgs    are,
sab-to        tor-i   cbbe.     Tor    ei   bbai   mari giichhil, pher  gbttriailjharii.
ail-indeed thine-only is.      Thy  thi* trother dead    was,   again returned, lost
chhila, paoya gel  Yyaknun ei-ta khub bhala  je  ananda     kaii,        khusite
was,   recovered.     Now    this  very good that   joy   (we) wke> merriment-w
(we) remain.'