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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No, 30.]
JNDOARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)
Yyak     cha^daPa1       girast       masara   khaba bhalo-kahita*   Yyak   din pSthar
One   chandal'Uke   house-holder  meat    toeat        liked.        One   day   kid's
roasam kina       anya     magak    andi     kahya    bahir   chali-gel.    Mag       puraser
meat buying bringing toife-to to-cook saying     out       went.       Wife    husband's
kathat     masam      andi       anda-gharat       8k    basune    dhski         thuil.     Yyak
word*<xt     meat      cooking     cook-room-at     one   pot-afr    covering    placed.    One
gHarite           yyak-ta   kukur      anda-gbarat       dhuki    masam   khaya      idle.
twenty-minutet-in     one         dog       cook-room-at    entering    meat     eating     took.
Alap   thakil.     Mag   u   janba-pai   chat-kari   fcukur      h5kya        dile.       Purus
Little was-left.   Wife it    knowing      at-once      dog   driving-away gave.    Husband
asi        ki    kahbe,       ei      darat       u       kspba      lagil.      Puruser       hatat
coming   what  will-say,   this   fear-at   she   shivering   fagan.   Husband's hand-from
ar          bschba     kunu   ay     na   dyakhif    ta-ke kukurer   Sthya   masam khaba
any-more to-be-saved   any   means not  seeing,  him»to  dog*s      left      meat    to-eat
dil.      Masam    thora   bail    kyan,    purus   puchhil,   Mag   kahil, chhaoyal-paoya
gave.      Meat      little   was     why,  husband   asked.   Wife   said,         children
khai-mchhe.          Ohhaoyal     khaiche     suni,     ai     ar        kichhu   kahil   na.
have-taken-and*eaten*    Children have*eaten hearing^ he   more   anything  said     not.
Oi    barite yyak-ta challakl byati chhSli, se   bap    mayer    ai  katha   suni,   khub
That house-in  one     clever   girl    was, she father mother's this talk hearing, much
bhabnakorba   lagil, fiyyakhon    luui   karu   ki,   kukur   masara   khaiohhe   kahlg
pondering    begem,    *now          I     do   what,   dog      meat         ate      to-state
muskil   hachhe,   na   kahle   kharapi   bachhg.   Kahle    ma       mar   kliaohhe, na
difficult       is,      not to-state  wrong        is.     $o-state mother   beating   eats,   not
kahle     baba    jhuta    khachhe/
to-state father leavings     eats.9
CkSndSlt a lowest caste noted for their Tiolent temper and Leace chfrndcll'S meant one posseismg riolent temper.