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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 31.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)
Bk     jhanar  dutchhua chil.        Uha-se             chhoto-ti       apna      bapak
One     man's  two   swzs  were.   Them-from    the-yomger-one  his-own father-to
kahle,    k8,   *bap,        tor-dhaner     liissa         je        mok  mile,   de.''      Se-khuna
said,    that9 (father    of-thy-wealth the-share which   me-to fagot, give.9        Then
uh       dhan        bat$      dije,   aor  tliorak    din     pichhu         chhoto            beta
he  the-wealth dividing gave, and   a-few   days afterwards   the*younger          son
sab-kuchu          le                    Sk-durer          mulakat   chal§-gel,   ar         uchha
everything    having-taken      of-a-distance      to-country went-away, and          there
apna    dhan     bad-kamat '    urale.         Ar  je-khuna   sab»ti     kharach    haS-gel
h^s•ow^ wealth on-evil-work  squandered. And    when  everything expended    bevame
u-khuna        u-desat             bara      akal    pel,  ar   uha    kangal             ha8-geL
then     in-that»country    a-great famine fell> and   he      poor                became.
Se*khuna        u-deser      gk-baro-manuser        gharat       geL       Uha        apna-*
Then    of-that-country   of-a-great-man   in-the-house he-went.     He      in-his*own
khetot      suar   charao  pathale,   ar   ubar  man  chbll, ki         ula             khusa
'field       swine to-feed     sent,    and    his   mind was> that (with)-those       husks
jela        suar       kbachhil      apna       pet      bharae,            Sab.         uhak    koi
which the-swines were-eating   his-own    belly   he~may-filL    That-even  him^to any-one
dicbhil      ni.   Se-ghari   nhak   pliom              pol             aor    uh5     kahle,   k8,
was-giving   not.    Then        his   memory fell~(happened}    and     he       said9   that,
*mor-baper       katSk         jan       janok          bahut      knaor     chhe,     ar      mui
*of*my-father   how-many   people  servants-to     much       food       is,     and       I
bhoke      morclilii.     Mui          apnarbaper           ligi      jarmi,      ar          uhak
by-hunger    am-dywg*     I       of-my-own-father     near     will-go,    <wd        Um4o
kdhmu,        kg,       "baba,     Khodaer     ar        tor        sange      gunah     karaa-
I~will-say9    that,    "father,     of-God    and    of-thee      with      fault      Lhad-
chhinu,        ar      ala    tor     beta       kahlaor           laSk     mni     ni           chhi,
committed,    and    now    thy     son   of-being-called     fit         I     not            am.
Mok      apna        darmabadar        nokarer    a6sa   8k     jhan    bana."'   Se-klnuna
Me   thine-own    salary-getting    of-servant    like   one   person   make"'      Then
uthft             apusrbaper          ligi      gel.       Abbi       diirte          chML,    kfi
having-arisen   of-his-own-faiher     near   he-went.  Still    at*a-distance    he-was,  that
uhar-bapak        kadar          bhoL      DSkhle,    ar       daurS        uhak      galla
- tf*M*-father   compassion    became.     He-saw,   and   h&wng-run   to~him   the-neck
Bengali.                                                                                                                                                      ^