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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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WOMEN'S DIALECT OP PABNA.                                        1fl1


matan   rakho.'"     Ta-paehhS   se     utV*    apanar    bapgr   kachhe


83               duri

thakti-i    tar      bap    takgune   dSkhb'ar-palo,      6     tar

manit     daye     halo,    ar    daur> aya    Jay's      ohhawaler   gala  jaray^dbar^a
mind-in    pity     arose,   mi  rwtmg                                             '

takgune    ohum'a-kbald.    Takhan   cbhawal takgune   k6lo,    'baba, ami   Sagger
to-hm            kissed.            Then        son       to-hm    said,   'father,   I Heavrfs
kachbe        5      tomar      samni        pap         koiichhi;             ar            tomar
presence-fa    and      thy    presence-fa    sin    have-committed;   any-longer      thy
cbhawal    bul^a-paricbey.dibyar      jug^i     nai.'     Takhan   tar    bap    cbakarghare
son               Me-know               fit     <m-not.'    Then    his fdther   servants-to
kolo        5e,       «sab     cbayTa     bhala    posbak   Sggir         an'S         iyakgune
ordered    that,      'all        of         lest       role     soon  havfag-troutfht this-person
paraQ;  iy^ar    hate    Skhut,   6       paye    jutTS, parayya-dTao ; amra     khayy&
put-on;   his    fa-hand   rfag,   and feet-on  shoes     put-on;         we   having-eaten
amod-ablad      korboni.      5"e-hetuk      amar    ei   cbhawal   mar^a gicbhils.   abar
merriment    ilwll-make.     'Become       my    this     son       dead      mas,     ogam
baWa   uthichbe;   haraichbtto,   abar      pawa     g^alo.'      Tati     tara amod-ahlad
alive   fa-become;     was-lost,    aaafa   has-been  found.'   On-that  they merriment
Takhan,       tar     bard    ohhawal    mathe   chhilo.           Asti-asti          se
At-that-time,     his    elder        son       field-in   was.        Coming-coming      He
barir   kachhe          nach-gawanar           awaj   Iunbys,r-pal6.   Takhan   se    6k-jan
house's    near    (of)-dancfag-and-sfagfag   voice        heard.           Then    he   one-(of)
chakarek     dakTa;   ^udh-karlo,     'e     sab      ki?'     Takhan    se    tak       kolo,
servants-to   calling      asked,      'this    all    ichat?'     Then      he    him    replied^
' apanar   hhai    asichh^n,   6    apanar   baba    tar       knial         paichhfin   balya,
'your   brother   is-come,   and   your   father   his   good-(news)        got      because,
bbari     bhoj     dichchhen.'    Iyy&te      se         ra^S,                 bhitori               Jati
great feast is-givfag.' To-thi» he angry-being, toithm-the-house to-go
raji-h6la-na, Takhan tar bap ban asya sadhtMaglo, kintuk se
agreed-not. Then his father out commg entreat-to-began, but he
jabab diy'a, bapekgune kolo, 'dyakh6> Sta bacbhar dhai^S, tomar
reply giving, to-father saif           'see, so-many years for, thy
s^ha       kartichhi,     tomar   kona-6       katha          abahela    kari-nTa1ko;   kintuk
service   (I)-am-dofag,    thy     sfagle   word-(order)   disobeyed   have-never.;     but
makgung    tumi      kakhana-6     6k-ta     chhagaler     chhao       5         d^o-n^iko,
to-me        thou         never           one         goat's       young    even      gave-not,
Bengali                                                                                                                                               T