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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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162                                                             BENGALI.

amar  bandhu-bandlieb-dir   niy*a       ahlad
mtfrrife*     my            friends              taking   merriment

tomar    A    cbhawal    bes'agbare    niy'a   bishey-asey   khoTvaichhe
%    *to     am       im^fteto   toA%   property     fa-wasted'
alo, takhan  tar-jan1!   tumi  bhari-darer   bhoj      dilTaJ       ir /
AMM, <A for-his-sake thou tf-gnat-valu* featt art-giving*      j ^   S
kolo,   'baba,  tumi sakal-sameyei  amar   sani                                       *



,                                                                         ar        atut

"""y             Qtt&        fHy          

sagfli to   Ho*, imod-ahlad     kara          uchit-i      ]iaichhg      ... ;.

all  is   thine.   Merrment   (to)-mabe necessary-even      is   '      /

ei      bhai     marg-gichhilo,     6      bSch'a-utbicbhe;    harav^   ^IT'

^is  Sro/Aft-      dfotf-tMUi,     and    alive- (is-become) ;     ;0J       &IcnQUo