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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 35.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)
RAJBANSSI DIALECT.                                                                 (GOALPA.RA DISTRICT,)
[In the phonetic transcription s is pronounced hard as in *tft, tU&, and not like the sh in shell, which is represented by
th. Z is somewhat softer than the z of zeal, hut not so soft as the s in jpleature.
Pronounce a as the a in hat; e as the e in met / o as the o in A0£ ; and oi as in 0i£. The letter o (without any
diacritical mark) represents the sound of the first o in promote and of the o in the French word votrete compared with vtitre-
It should be carefully distinguished from the 6 of hot.
Other consonants and vowels are pronounced as in the authorized Government system.]
13k jaakar dui beta acbbil.    Tat madhye chbota beta tar bapok kails  * babsl
Ak zonkar dm  bdtd   dsiL     Tar moddye    soto   bdtd tar b&pok koil,   ' bdbd,
One     man-of    two      sons      were.     Them-of   amidst      younger    son      his     father     said,         father,
gairastir ye bbag mui paim ta mok de. *    Tate tly tamar tnajot girasti batiya dil.
g&irdstir $e bhdg mui paim ta mok de. *   Tate tay tdmdr mazot girdsti   bdtid diL
property-of what portion      I    will-get that me-to give.*  -Thsreupon he    them-of    amidst    property   dividing   gave.
Alpe kaye   din pacbhot ehbota   beta   saub   ekete   kariya   durantar    ek   dya^ot
Olpo koye   din   pdsot      soto     bdtd shaub   ekele    kor:ui    durdnta?    dk   ddshot
A-few     some    day        after        younger       son        all       together      taking         away             one     country
paitra karil.    Se de^ot yaya dhuddami kariya apanar  ghar girasti uraiya dil.  Yaklian
paitrd MriL She ddshot zdyd dhudjdmi karid apandf ghor girSsti urdid diL    Ztikh&i
started.           That oountry-to going   extravagance    doing    hin*own   house   property  fly-away gave.        When
tly saub kharacb kariya phelail takhan sei   dijsot   bara   manga   hafl tSy»o bara
tSy shaub khorooh   korid pheldil tokhon shei  ddsot   boro   nidngd   hoU tay-d  boro
he       all        spending       doing     finished       then       that country-in   great      famine   happened be-too    great
kasbtot paril.    Tar pachhot tty yaya   set   dya^er   ek-jaa    girir    kaohhot   yaya
kashtdt poriL    Tar   pdsot    td,y zdyd   shei   ddser   ek~&on    girir     kdsdt      zayd
difficulty-to     fell.      That-of     afte»           he    going     that    oonntry-of     one     inhahitaut-of     near           gomv
aujil.     l^y   tak   apanar    patarot   ^uyor   charbar   pateya-dil.       Pare  3uyore
auziL     Tay   tdk   dpandr    patarot shuor   chorbdr   pateya-dil        fore  shudre
toqk-shelter.      He      him       his-own        fieids-to     swine-to      tending           sent-away.              After       swiue
ye    chokla   kbay,   tak'    khaya   pyat    bharbar liaus      kalle-6,   kintuk    kSy-6
ze     ohdkld   khdy9   tdk    khdyd    pat    bhSrbdr   hdus      k8lle-o>   kintuk     kay*o
what       husks         eat,       that       eating        belly      filling-of       wish   having«done-evens   hut             anyone
tak   dil-na.   Pacbhot cbyaton   paya     tay    kail,    famac    baper    kato    marca
tak   dil-nd.    Pdsot     chdton     paya    tay    koil,    ' dmdr    bdper    kolo    ntdina
him    gave-not.    Afterwards      senses        gaining      him        said,         * &y        father-of      how           pay
kbaoya    cbakpr    ek     pala     kariya    kbabar    pay    ar    mui    ete     kshidbay
khdwd     chdkor     dk     paid      korid     khdbdr   pay    dr    mui    ete      khyidhdy
eating         servants        a      great-deal       doing           of-food        get      while      I        here           hunger-by
maribar   lagiohS,      Mui    uthiya    mor   baper    kaohbot    yaim;    yaya    kaim,
tooribar  l&gicho.      Mui     uthia     mor   baper      kasot      zdim;    zdyd     koim,
dying           fcbout*                 I              rising         my     father-to         near            will'go;       going       will*sayy