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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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BAJBA8S& DIALECT OF GOALfAEA.                                         173

Ai yS kay—

He then says—

4Yarkamtak saje,
* Zar Mm tab shaze,

'Whose w#rk   him   suits,

Ar      haile    nati baje.'

Others-to happening stick   sounds.1


Story of a Washerman's Ass a*d Dog,

A certain washerman had an ass and a dog. One day the ass says to the dog
'Shala! I have to labour all day long while thou dost only sit> eat, and bark.* The
dog says, * canst thou do the work that I do ? From this day forth I will do thy work
and thou shalt do mine.' After saying this, the dog went on carrying the clothes of
the washerman and the ass kept watch over his house.

Some days after, one night a thief came to the house of the washerman and began
to dig a mine. The ass on seeing the thief commenced braying. The washerman being
aroused from sleep gave grass and chaff to the ass, tied it well and went to bed. But
the ass went on braying more loudly than before- The washerman hearing the bray of
the ass got angry and began to belabour him with a stick. Then the dog said from the
yard, " How my brother ass 1 how is the stick ? Don't you know the saying: —

' Suits him the work whose it is.
To others like a stick it seems.' "

The next two specimens arc also in pure Bajbangsi. They come from the Rangpur
District. Note how I and n are confused. Even when / is pronounced l? it is written n
in the Bengali character.
The first specimen is the Parable of the Prodigal Son.