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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 37.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP.)

DIALECT.                                                             (Ruwpro DISTRICT.)

[ In the phonetic transcription * is pronounced hard as in sin, this, and not like the sh in shell, which is represented by
sk. Z is somewhat softer than the z of zeal, but not so soft as the * in pleasure,
Pronounce a as the a in to; las the 0 in met; oas the o what; and oi as in off. The letter o (without any
diacritical mark) represents the sound of the first o in promote, and of the o in the French word wtre as compared with
vfote. It should be carefully distinguished from the 6 of hot.
Other consonants and vowels are pronounced as in the authorized Government system.]
Bk   jan-mansher   dui-kna byata   jtohhin.    Tar     chhota   kona  nyar   bapak
Ak   tdn-mdnsher   du-knd   botd      ML      Tar     'sofa    bund    wr    bdpak
One             man-of                 two         sons            were.      Of-them the-younger     one         his      father-to
kaine, <ba,   raor   paisa    karir  bhag   mdk    deo,5   Ai   katate   t5y    mnar-gharak
kail,  *bd,  mor pdishd  korir  bhdp   mdk     deo.'   Oi   kotdte   tay    umdr-ghorok
said,   'father,    my      pice-and-oowrie-of    share      to-me       give/    That    word-on     he               tfcem*to
saug bStiya   dine.t   Anap din   yaya   chhota chengra kona saiig    byache-kini,
shog   batid    dile.    Olop   din    &dyd     soto    ehengrd kund   shag     bdche-kwi,
all  having-divided gave.      A-fcw   days having-past the-younger     boy        one       all   having-sold-and-bought
eke-te   kari    bhin    de^at    gen.     Sete     nanan     kukajat    saiig     paosa-gula
dke-te    kori     bhin    dashot    gal.    Shete     ndndn     kukdzot     shog     pdishd-guld
together   making    different    country -in   went.       There         various         bad-ways         all               pice-heap
uyi-phenaine.   ^jr yakhan   ai-daue   saug   uri-dine  takhan  ai    dya^at      khib
uri-phdldle.    Oy  zokhon   oi-ddne   shog   un-dile    tokhon   oi    ddshot      khuib
he-squandered.         He        when       in-that-way     all      squandered        then      that    country»in         great
durbhik nagin*   ^y takhan   bapo dukbat pain,   Dukhat   pariya ai-tliakar ek-jan
durbhik  nagil   Oy   tdkhon    bora  dukhot poish.   Dukhot  porid  oi-thdkdr dJc-zon
famine    happened.    He        then        great     straits-in     fell.      Distress-in     falling    of-that-place         a
saharl   manslier gorat   gen. Ai  inauush   kona   takhan   uyak khaona-barit Inyar
shohort mdnsher gorot   gal  Oi   mdnush    kund   tokhon   udk khawd-bdfit shuor
of-the^ity        man         to        went   That      mwi           (one)         then           him       to-f%Uow-land       swine
charbar   pate-dine.   Dhaner   agra   yak   Suyare   khay   uy|y    tak    khaya    pyat
chorbdr   pdte-dile.   Dhaner dgrd   zak  shitore   khdy    v&y     tdk    khdyd     pat
to-graze            'sent            Of-paddy      husks    what    the-swine •    eat           he         that       eating        belly
bhatbar   chaine, kintuk tak-6    kSy uyak dine na,   Pa^hhat   ehyatan   paya    ay
blidfbdr    chdle,   kintuk   tdk-o    kay mk   diti   nd.   fdsot      ehdton    pdyd    5y
to-fill         wished,         but     even-that any-one to-him   gave    not.   Afterwards        sense     having-got  he
kaane,   'mor   baper   maina-khaoya kata chakare kitum-inate  kbaya    manusbek
kole>    cwor   bdper   mdwd-khdwd   koto chdkre   khutn-nwte    khdyd     mdnwhdk
said.        'my      father's       salary-getting    how-many servants  sumptuously feedmg-themselves to-(other) -people
binbar-pare,    ar    miii ethe kbabar na   payya marbar dbarcha.   Mui ep   hate
bilbdr-pare,      w . mui dthe khdbdr nd   pdyd morbdr dhorcJtf.   Mm   dthe   Mte
can-give^way,.       and        I*   here     of-food     not   getting      to4ie     am*bont        I        here      from