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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

176                                                              BENGAM.
uthiya    bar   gorat   jaim,   tamak   ka'im, ccba, mm Parameter  agat phir tomar
uthid    bar   gorot   zdm^    tamak    koim, " &a, mm Pormeshshorer dgot phir tomdr
rising    of-fatlier to-(near) will-go-(and}-him        will-tell, '* father,   I            o!-God                 before   again of-thee
gorot      kata-i         pap karchS, mm    ar    tomar byata habar mata n<3yao,   Mok
gdfot       k$tv-i        pdp karcho, mm    &r    tomdr bdtd hobar   moid ndydb*    Mok
at-foot how-inuch-(very-great) sin   bare-dope,      1   no-longer   thy         son       to-be     worthy am-not.         Me
tomar maina-khdr chakarer nakan aken."' Pachhat ay uthiya uyar baper gorat gyan.
tomdr mdind-khor  chdkrer nakan akdn" 5 Pdsot    5y uthid   udr   bdper gorot gal,
tby           hired              servants-(of)   like       keep."'         Then      he      arose   and-of-his father   to-(near) went.
Anek   durat    thakte-i      ar   uyar   bap   uyak dekiya   mohte     dauri-yaya   gana
Onek   dwot    thdkte-i       dr    udr   bdp    udk    dekid    mohte     daufi-zdyd    gala
Great      way-off wbile-be-was-even   and       bis    father       him   baving-seen by-affection      1/aVing-run         neck
dhariya chuma khaine,  Takhan uyar  byata  uyak kaine,   cba,   mui Parame^varer
dhdrid   chumd   khdle.   Tokhon  udr    batd    uak    kole,    * 6a/ mui Pdrmeshshorer
holding        kisses           ate.            Then         bis        son         him       told,        'father,      I              Heaven
gorat    tomar     agat   kata-i    pap   karcho.   Mui      ar    tomar byata     habar
gorot      tomdr     dgot     koto-i  pap    kdrchd.   Mui      dr     tomdr  bdtd      hobdr
near             tbee         before        much       sin   have-committed.   I      any-longer      tby        son              to-be
mata   noyao.'   Kintuk uyar   hape   tamar   chakarer-gharak   kaine, c sakan   khub
mtitd    ndydo.'   Kintuk  udr   bdpe   tdmdr    didkrer*ghor8k      kole,   'shtikdl   khuib
worthy      am-not.1         Bnt         his      father       bis                   servants-to                 said,         'soon        very
baka   kapra   aniya   uyakparan;   uyar   hatat   ekna   angut   ar   plot    jota   deo.
bakd   "kapfd   dnid    uak  pordn;   udr    hdtot   dknd   angut   dr  padt    zotd   dad.
fine       clothes     fetch-(aad)-him    put-on;       his      hand-on       a            ring      and    on-feet    shoes      put.
Hamra   khayyadayya   khum   mate    an-tamsa    kari.   Mor    ei    chhaoya   k5na
Hdmrd    khdyd-ddyd     khum    mote   6ng»tamsbd   kori*   Mor    ei       sawd    kund
Let«us      eating-(and)-feeding  perfect      manner        enjoyment       make.    Mine       tbas           son            (one)
marchhin,   phir   blohi   u^hohe; hare   geohhin,   tak   paoya geichhe/   Ei   katha
moral,    phir   bachi   uthohe; hare     gdsil,     tak   pdwd    geise.'     M   kotd
was-dead,       again     to-life      has-arisen;   lost              was,         him       found      has-been/      These    words
kaya   umra   khum-mate   ang-tamsa   kairbar dharne.
koya   umrd   khum-mote   dng-tdmshd koirbdr dhorle.
saying      they            thoroughly         enjoyment        to-make      began.
Baxa    chhaoyarkoDia    khetat   achhin. T^y   phiriya barlr    gorat        asne
Boro      sdwd-kmd        khdtot    dsiL     Ta     phirid  bdrir    gorot        dshle
(The)-elder        boy   (one)              in-the*field      was,        He    coming-back of-house near-at-the-foot   on-coming
ghltat thakte . ar    bajit   nachan   ar   gan   Sunibar   paine.      Takhan   ay   uyar
ghatdt thdkte   dr     bdfit   ndchdn   dr   gdn   shunibdr  pdle.       Tokhon   3y     uar
in-tbe-way      still    (and) at-tbe-honse dancing    and     music       bear           could.              Then         be         his
ek-jan   chakrak   dake   puchbar   dharne, 'igna    ki?'   Tay  uyak   kaine,   'tomar
dk-zon  chdkorok <}dke  puohbdr   dhorle,   'igla    Hf*   Tdy   udk    kole,     'tomar
one         servant     haying-called   to-ask         began,       'these (what>areP*   He       to-hhn    replied,         *tby
bhai   ainche,      Tomar   bap     khum-mate   kh^bar   banaiche,        Tomar   bhaiok
Vh&ii    dilche.      Tomdr   bdp      khum-mote   khdbdr   bdndiehe.        Tomdr    bhdiok
brother   bas-come,            Tby       fatber         thoroughly            feast        has-got-up.                 Tby            brother.
bhana  mate   patehe   kyanne.'       Ili    katate    ay    bara    gosa    hain.      Tani
bhdlo    mote  paAche    kdnne?         Ei     kotdte     §y     bofd    goshd     hoil.    Tanyi
in-good     condition  bas-got      became,'               This     word<on)     he         very      angry     became.         H«