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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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RAJBA8SS1  DIALECT OF EAN&PTJB.                                             177

bhitarat   ar   ria   yay.   Pachhat uyar   bap   bairat   aaiya   uyak   bujbar dhairane.
bhitorot   ar   nd   z&y.     Pdsot    udr   bap   bdirot   dshid    uak    bmbdr    dhorle.

inside      more    not wonld-go,  After-tliat      his      father   outside having-eome him      to-explain       began.

Ay   uyar   bapak   jab   dine,   'ami   eta-din   ham     tomar   kata   seba    kannu,
Oy    uar   bdpok   zob    dile,   *mui   dtb-din    hail     tomdr   koto   shebd   kannu;

He       his      father-to auswer    gave,         * I   such-a-long-time   past             thy        much    service    have-done;

tdmar   kata   kona    din    phenai    nai,     kintuk    kai    tomra   ek-ta   chliaganer
tom&r   kotd    kono    din    phdlai     mi,    kintuk     koi    tomrd   dk-fd      sdgoler

thy        order        any        day    have-thrown      not,            but        where         thou         one               of-goat

pata-6   den   nai,   ye   tarke niya   hamar   satir-garak   dhariya   ang-tamsa karmo.
pStd'5   dan   nai,   ze   ta-ke   niA   htim&r  shatir-gorok dhoria,   6ng*tamsha,   kormo.

kid-even hast-given not,    that      it         with       my             companions         with         enjoyment      I*may-mak«.

Ye   byata   tomar   saiig   paisa-kari   natir   barit    dine,   t5y   asne   tare   kyann6
Ze    bdta    tomdr   shog pdishd-kori  notir    bant    dile>   tay dshle   tare   kdnne

What    son            thy            all           money        ^  harlots   houes-at  has-given,   his       on-coming    (for).his-sake

katay       khabar        banainen.5     Tar   bape   tak   kaine3   ctui   saday   mor    sate
Jcotdy        khabar         bdndlen.'     Tar   bdpe   tak    kdle,    *tui  shoddy mor   shdte

how      manykmds^»f*food thoa-hast prepared.'    His      father him-to      said,      fthou    always      me         with

achis,   mor   yak   baibe   sauge   tor.    ^An-tamsa   kairbarM   nage.       Tor   bliai
acUsh,   mor   zdk    hoibe   stooge   tor.   Ong-tdmshd  koirbdre-i   Idge.       Tor   bhai

art^           my       what      will-be      all         thine.       Merriment       to-make-even     ii-meet          Thy    brother

kona   marobin,      baiehche;      haraichin,   tak   paoya   geiohe/
kund   morchil,        baiehche;       hdrdichil,   tdk   pdtcd   gdiche.'

(one)      waa-dead,    has-come-to-life-again;        was-lost,         he      found      has-been/

The second specimen* from Rangpur is a fylk-song. King Manai relinquished
his throne and became an ascetic, and the following we the arguments which induced
him to follow this course of conduct:—