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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 38.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)

RAJBANSSI DIALECT,                                                                 (RANGPUB DISTEICT.)

fwt? ??r
CT SR *ifafts KV?, trill fiwhf, fat ij*rfa

Bhabe       asi,      6-re   Manai,    kannu    ki?
Mobe      &sU3     o*re   Mondi,    Ulh     Uf

In-the-world iaving-come,    0        Manai,       thon-didst    what?

Eoja    namaj    sab      kara;   Alla-ke   didar   kara,
Hoza   ndmdz   shot     kordf   Alld-Jse   diddr   koro.

fasting    prayers        all              do;              Allah      cognisant    make,

Bhabe      asi,      6-re   Manai,    kannu     ki?
Bhobe      dshi,    fare   Mondi,     kollu      ki?

In-the-vorld haying-come,    0       Mau&i,        thou-didst    what?

Ye    jan     pankit      chare,    pankha      hinay,      ohhatra   dbilnay   mate,
Ze   ton      palkit       chore,   pdnkhd      hildy,       sotrb     dMay   mate,

What    man    in-paknkeen        mounts,       fan       causes-tobe -moved,   umbrella     has-borue   ^er-nis-head,

Tar-6   tanu khake   khabe,   keu-na    yab6    sate.
Tdr*o   tonu khdke   khdbe,   keu-na,     zdbe   shdte.

His-even   bodj    the-dust    vill-eafe    anyone-not     will-go   with-(him).


What didst thou, 0 Manai, when thou earnest into the world ?

Fast thou, and pray ; make Allah see thee.

What didst thou, 0 Manai, when thou earnest into the world ?

 The (mighty) man, who mounts in palankeen, who has Himself fanned, and who
has the umbrella (of royalty) carried over his head, even his body, the dust will eat,
and no one will go with him (to the other world).

In Jalpaiguri, also, pure Rajbanggi is spoken. 0! the three following specimens,
one is a translation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, and two are Folk-songs. It has
not been thought necessary to add, again, a phonetic transcription;