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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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DIALKOT OF JALPAI0VBI.                                          181
matan rakkSk." ' Tar-pachlie ay sela      ar         baper-the      uthe-geL Kintuk   ay
like     keep"'   That-after   he   then  (to) his fathers-presence   went.      But    he
dftrat             rahite-i           ar      bap      ak   dekha-paichhilo,   ar   kandamibnda
at-a-distance   rcmwning-even   his   father    him      got-to-see,      and futt-qf-grief
haya                 daurS-Jaya          ar    gala      dhorS   chuma   khale.   Sela    beta-ta
becoming   (and) rmmng (to Um)   his  neck   clasping   a-kiss    ate.   Then    the-swi
kaliil,          'ba,       mui-ta         tor-the           ar        ar-janmer-tane-o         khub
told (him),   'father,   I-indeed (in) thy-presence and agawst-the-9iext-wo9*ld-al80 great
pap          korrni,        mui    ar   tor beta   bole-chiidaa-dibar matan   na-hla.'   Kintuk
sin   have-committed,   I   again thy son   as-to-be-regarded    fit    not-am.'      But
ar      bap       ar      nijer   chakarer-gharak   kahil,   'chat-korfe   khob    bhala   kapar
his father    his      own          servant           told,     ' quickly (a) very   good    cloth
aniya             ek             pindhao,               er-batat           angthi    ar        plot
bringing this (my son)   cawe-to-put-on> on-his-hand (finger)   (a) ring and on-(his)-feet
jata    pindhe-deo,    ar     hanira   khob   bliala-korfe    kbaya    kanek      haus-kari,
shoes       put,        and   (let)-w   very      well         feasting   awhile    make-merry*
Kenfina   mor    ei      beta-ta    mare-geichhilo   elane         bachil;                  I
Because   my   this   son-Meed    was-dead       now has-beeome-alive;   this (my son)
haray-geichhilo     elane      paya-gel.'        Tar   pachhat sabbay   haus-karibar   dhalle.
was-lost           now has-been-found.9   That   qfier      all    to-make-merry   began.
AT     ar    bara   beta   sela      halbarit      achbilo. T5y     asiya          gbarer
And   his   elder   son   then   w-(his)-Jield    was.    He   coming    of-(his)-hou8e
baglabagli    hole,   nachan    ar      bajan   4unibar«paile.      'far-par      ay    6k-]han
tytforide   being,   dance    and     music        heard.       That-after    he    one-man
chakarak    bagalat      dakay    puohhil . bole,   ^hila    ki        re?5        ChakaHa
servant   near (hint)   catting   asked (him) that, * these what (are), 0 f' The-servant
ak      kahfl,      bolS,      *tor         bhai       aichche,      tor        bap      tor    bhaii
him      tdd>      that,      'thy      brother      is-come,      thy     father   thy   brother
bhale-bhale                paya             khob       bhoj   tiyari-kaiehlie,'      Ete
well (ie., in good health) getting (back)    (a) great feast   has-prepared.'   < Upon-this
ay     badda      rag         haU,        ar    bhitarat   jabar   chahil   nai    Tar paehhat ar
he      very     angry     became^     and    within    to-go   wished   not.   There-after his
bap     bahferat     as6      ak    khob   samjbabar   dhaille,   kintuk     ay         bapak
father      out    coming   him   much    to-soothe     began*      but       he     (his) father
jayab-diya   kahil,   bole   'dekhSk,      ba,     eta-bacbcbhar-hate   mui   tor       kata
answering    said,    that      'look,    father, forwmany-years    I    thy    hw-wuch
seba       kannu,      tor   ktina   hukume   mui    kuna      din         lengha           nai,
service have-done, thy any order I (on) any day have-disobeyed w&,
taha tui mok kuna dine Sk-ta chhagaler-bachoha dilo nai, je mor
still thou me on-any day one (a-single)           kid           hast*given mt, that my
bandhur-gharak   dhorft   mui   6k   din   kan§k        hius-kara;         ar   tor   ei   l)eta
friends          with     I    one day   awhile   may-tnake<merry; and thy this   son