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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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182                                                                BKNGALi,

Je     nalir-packhat  tor  sanipatti  phuray-dichhc  taha  ay    ]cla    asil    selay
who    (wprostitutes thy property Jiad-spent-away still he   wlm   cam   then

tui    ar-tane     bara     bboj     tiyari-kollo.'    Kintuk   ar    bap   ak   kahil,
thou for'Ms-sake (a) great feast thou-didst-prepare?   Eut   his father him   told,

'beta,    tui-ta     sadday  mor-lagat achhis, mor      j'e    bobe   ila   tamane-ta
* son, tJwu-Meed always me-lewde     artt    mine   what will-be these all-mdeed

tore,         Hi  ]e      kanek       hlus-tamsa-kanna,  i-ta   kara       bhale
thine (are).   This tfat    awhile    (we) have-niade-merry, tMs to-do good (proper);

baiche,    tor   ei         bbai-ta      mare-geicbhilo    ela              bachil;

fas-lccn,    thy  this    brother-Meed      was-dead      now  has-been-alive (again);

bariiy-geichhilo,     eE         paya-gel.'

was-lost,       now Ims-lecn-found (again).9

Tbe next specimen (also from Jalpaiguri) is a poem relating the woes of a widowed
husband. The last verse reminds one of a corresponding passage, not unconnected with
Christy-Minstrelsy, devoted to the memory of' My darling Clementine,'