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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 40.]

INDO-ARYAN  FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP,)


KAJBANegi DIALECT.                                                                (JALPAIGUBX DISTRICT.)

(Baku MuraMdhar Rai Chaudhri, 1898.)


^tar fiprtwi CTt^^rtRwi ^?n ^ ^t? ^WCT otor

c^rt? cwBi ?io? (75i ^ff&Rti, 9tt1%^f? ^^ CTl'?     ^s or

Ct ttWl Wi

Mor        ai-la      katha      pham   pareohhe,   ge,   oge      abo5
(To) my M-those (past) things mind are-coming,   0,    O grandmother
(mother's mother)
chhay    mas   bhariya   nadari      mariya.
six   months far-full my-wife    being-dead*
Maiya-ta   mariya    mui     lianu   pagela,   dine-dine   kandeeblis
The*wfe being-dead I    became   mad9 day-after-day have-wept
mui   da&alat       basiya* ge      abo,          ghar-bari   ohharijat
J w-the-low*land sitting,   0 grcmdmother, (my) home   leaving.
Kay     ar    khilabe   mok        audhiya          bariya,    kay   ar   dakabe,
Who again mil-feed me   (herself) cooking (the meals) who agam mil-call
mor-bagalat   asiya,   ki   c kaira-kaira'          kariya?
(me) to-my-side coming, as ' fcaira-kaira'* addressing (me)?
Kay - dibe         mok,   6g6          abo            bichhina    pariya,     k5y   ar
Who wttl'Came (for) me, 0    grandmother,     the-bed to-be-spread, who again
hakabe     pakba      bagalat    basiya,         ki   kSret^ktirat             kariya?
mil-move (the) fan beside (me) sitting, (the sweet noise) Jeeret-Jwrut t making?
* 'Kaira-kaira* xeallymeans 'hesriae,' andwtheeipwasion used by tlie wife when sbe ddwfl8e8 ber busbandor
wishes to draw his attention to ber words. The wife does not edl the husband by bis name, and so addresses him, when
required; by the above term. This is very much like the Bengali' Wfl' used when a wife calls hex husband.
t Kr5t-Kutut' is onomatopojio, and means the sound of the fan.