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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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1S4«                                                                   BENGALI.

Jarer-dine     achha mui eklay          thakiya,      k5y   ar              thakibe

(In) winter-days    am    I alone tying (on my bed), who again iwll*cmse*tQ-li>e-down
mok   bagalat-dhariya,   Łeja   garam   kariyav
me    beside (her), (the) bed   warm   making ?

Girasti                chhariya,      abo,        mui      haiehhu              baudhiya,

House-hold (duties) leaving, grandmother,   1   have-become (like a) bereaved*lover,
yetti-sStti        beracho   mui   dhuliya-pariya,   ge        abo,         nadari
hithei**and4hither arn-roaming I reeling-and-tossing, 0 grandmother, (my) wife


Maiyar-bade   mor deha-ta  Jachhe-to-j'aliya, paris      yadi,      6k-ta
For-(my)-toife my  body         is*bw*ning,       canst if (thon) one (a)

mok tui    ari   de-aniya,   ge      abo,          daya      kariya.

me thou widmo clost-bring, 0 grandmother*, mercy (on me) taking.


All those past things are coming to my mind for full six months, 0 my grandmother,
my wife being dead.

My wife being dead I became mad, and day after day have I wept sitting in the
low-lands, 0 grandmother, leaving my home.

Who will now cook my meals and feed me, who will now call me, coming to my side
and addressing me as * kaira kaira' ?

"Who will now, 0 my grandmother, spread the bed for me, who will fan me, as she
sits beside me, making the sweet sound of ' kSret kutut3?

In wintry nights am I alone lying on my bed. Who Will now make me lie down
beside her, making the bed warm (with her body) ?

Leaving my household duties, 0 my grandmother, I have become like a bereaved
lover. Hither and thither am I roaming, reeling and tossing, 0 grandmother, my wife

My whole* frame is aflame for my wife.   Bring me a widow (for me to marry) if
thou canst, 0 grandmother, taking pity on me.

The next specimen (also from Jalpaiguri) is a poem relating the woes of an
unmarried girl.