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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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186                                                             BENGALI.

Mao-bape   mor    hail          bad!                       na      dil                      pargr

Parents     my have-become (my) foes (since they) not have-sent (me to) another's


house (in marriage),

Be   bidhi   nidaya.
0   fate    cruel.

Bapak      na      kao         sarame,      mui      maok   na   kao                 laje.

(My) father not Ldo-reyuest for-shame, I (my)   mother nor    do-(I)-request out-of-


Dhiki-dMki   tushir   aghun   jTalechhe     debar     majhe.
Slowly    of-chaff a~fire   is-burning (my) frame within.

Be   bidhi   nidaya,
0   fate    cruel.

Pet         phate      tad      mukh        na       phate laj-saramer    dare,
(Hven my) belly may-burst still (my) mouth (does) not   open of-shame   for-fear,
Kliuliya    kol3         maner       katba  ninda-kare     pare.
Opening speaking (my) mind's feelings  do*blame   other-people.

Be   bidM   nidaya.

0   fate    cruel.
Eman   man  mor    kare,   re bidhi,   eman man   mor   kare,

Such mind mine   makes, 0 Lord I,  such mind mine make**

Maner             mata     chengra    dekhi   dhariya     palao      dure,

(My) heart*s*desire equal-to (a) youth (I) find with-him (I) fly   far-away,

Be bidhi nidaya.

0 fate   cruel.

Kahe                kabe                          kalankinl?                   Hani       naika

Say (who)    will-say (that 1 am)     stained (in character) ?   Harm (there) is~not
mor    tate,
to*me w~that9

Maner           sadhe            karim-keli         pati        niya     sathe.

(Up to) (my) heart's desire Ishall*enjoy (my) husband taking with-me.
Ee bidbi nidaya.

0 fate   cruel.


At dawning youth I was not by Hymen favoured,
How long still am I to remain single at home,
0 fate marble-hearted 1