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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"


[NO. 42.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                        (EASTERN GROUP.)
DIALECT.                                                             (Cooc* BEHAR STATE.)
Bk     jana     mansir   dm   kona   bSta   achhil.   Tar   madde   chhota      jan
One individual man-of two  pieces son    were.  Them amongst yomger individual
uyar   bapok      kail,      'ba,        sampatir      je      Ms^a   mffi     paim    tak   mok
his    father-to  said,   'father,    property-of what    share     1   shall-get  that    me
den'           late      t5y   tar    malmatta    dono    Vatak     batiya       chiriya   dil.
give:    Thereupon   he    Ms     property     two    sons-to    dividing     splitting gave.
Dheil   din   nai     pte     chhota   Vata   ktdle   malmatta   gotSya    niya   durantai
Many  day not    going,   yomger     son      all    property collecting taking  distant
$k      d'aibt       geU.    Sete   nuchchami-guadami kariya   kulle        taka-kan
we coumtry-to   went.   There          debauchery        domg     all   rupees-(and)-oowries
ijjiya      dfl.         Pachot      'jela   kuUe kharach kariya phelail selay ati bhari.
gquandering he-.gave. Afterwards when    all     expense  doing   ended then very big
manga   nagU.     Ai     akalot    uyar bara    nanchhana    habar   dharil.       Sela
scarcity  tegan.   That searcity-in his   much     distress      to-oe    began,   thereupon
gyay     8k    sahdrot    3ya      ^k       jan        sauriya      mansir  sannagat     nU.
that-man  one   town-to    going    one individual town-living   tmn-of protection  took.
1% uyak suyor charebar bade  nija maydanot    diya    pgthail.      Pachot      suyare
Se   hm awine   to-keep for   own  field-to hamng-given sent.   Afterwards the-smne
-je-ffla   iinishkhayta-kekhabar chail,    ta   ta-k-6      k36      dil na.      Pachot
what   things  eat that to-eat he-wished, but that-even anybody gave not.   Afterwards
flvx      hs         hafl;    bole,      {mor-na     bap   aohhe,    sete         kata    chakar
fa consciousness became; he-says,  my-mdeed father exists, with-hm how-mmy servants
darma-6    pay,    &    bhargya    ph^ale   chh'are     khabar-6     pay;   at   mm   etfaa
pay-too    get,    belly    filling    wasting scattering to-e<tt-too    get;   and   1     here
bhoke      marS.   Miii   baper     ote    'jaim,    ta-k    kaim,        ba!     mui tomar
iwger-with die.      I father-of there will-go hirn-to I-will-say, "father!   I  of-yo,
kachhot    bhari    dosh-guna   kair-chS,   mui   tomar   bgtar   dakhil    noyao;    mok
More      much        sm       have-done,     I     your   s*n-of worthy ot*am;    me
tomar   6k       jan        darma-khor     chakarer     n.akal    rakho.";    PachSt    yay
yow   one individual   pay-eating     servant-of     like       keep.           J-hen       he
uthiya   uyar   baper    kachot   geil.   Sela   xiyar   bap   uyak    dheil     dur      hate
rMv      f^r-of   near   went.   Then   his father hm     great Mance frm
dSkhiya   aka-baka   kariya    dauyiya      jaya     gala    saptfya      dhariya,    chuma
seeing,       haste       doing,     running     going    neck   embracing   catclmg,      km