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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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190                                                            BENGALI.
khail.   Chhaoya (chhawa)   bapok    kail,     ' mui    bhari      dosh    ghait     kairehS,
ate.            The-son        father-to said,      *I      much   offence  default have-done,
mui       ar      tomar    chhaoyar    jukhil   ndyao.'          Sela         uyar    bap      nija
I  any-longer your       son-of        like    not-am.9    Thereupon     his   father   own
chakar-gula-k        kail,   'siggir   kariya   khub     bhal    kapar      ani        iyak
servant-collectwn-to   said,    'soon     doing     very    good     cloth   bringing this-man
pgdao;      hatot    auti    ar      pSot     jota    pSdaya    dS6.      Ar   amra   kbaoya-
pwt-on;    hand-on  ring   and foot-on   shoe pwtting-on give.   And (lefym eating*
daoya    kariya     hisi          kbusi       kari,    KSnSna amar    ei    chhaoya    mariya
etcetera   doing laughing merrymaking  do.     ^Because   my    this      son       dying
bSichcbe;   ni-uddi£   haehil,      paoya-geil.'        Pachofc           omra            lilsi
hat-survived;     lost        was,      is-recovered.'    Thereupon,    those~persons  laughing
kheli      karibar   dharil.
merrymaking    to-do     began.
AT    tar     bara    bfita       khretot      achil,    i^y     barir       kachofc    asiya
Now   his    elder     son      field-in        was,      he    home-of      near     coming
dunil     nacbon    baij-bajna    habar   dbaiifche.     Sela   tay   6k      jan      chakarok
heard   dancing       music       to-be   has-begun*    Then   he   one individual servant
kacbbot   dakgya   pucid),   *e-gula   ki'?     T5y   tak    kail, * tomar   bhai   aichche,
near     calling    asked, * this-all what9?   He him-to said* c your brother has-come,
t5y       bhale-bbale            blcbiya    aicbcbe,     sei      bade       tomar    bap    Khub
he     safe-and-sound        surviving  has-come,   that account-on   your father   much
khaoya-daoyar       um-dhum            kaircbe.1      Oyay   ai     kata    ^uniya       ak
eating-etcetera   great-preparation   has-done.'       Me   that   speech hearing      fire
khail,       ar       ban   s5d6bar   chail   na.        Paohot    uyar   bap    banr     bahir
ate>  any4onger home to*enter wanted not.   Afterwards   Ms father house-of outside
haya,    uyak   buja-mata   karibar   dharil.          Tat-6           Sya»y   samja^samji    na
being9    him remonstrance   to-do     began.   W4th-that*even    he    remonstrance not
maniya   uyar   bapok   kail,    <d6ko-d$ki,    mui       6to        baohar    hate    tomar
minding    his father-to said,        *lo,             1     these-mmy    years    from    your
khay»kh@jmat     kannu,     tomar    kdna    kata    kona        bela-o     phelaS     Dai,
service              did9       your       any     word     any    time-even I-disobeyed not,
tato    tdmra   kona    bela    mok    £kna    chhagaler       bachcha-5    dSn nai,
nevertheless   you    any     time     me     one      goat-of    yowg-one-even gave nott
3e   miK mor      sakhir-ghar     sudda   rang-tamsa   kari.             lr              tomar
that   I    my friend-of-collection with merrymaking may-do.  On-the-other-hand your
ei   bSta      3%     natl       baji      kariya   gotay   'girasti    kana    kari    dil,   tly
this   son     who   harlot frequenting doing    all   property destroy doing gave,   he
JelS    asil   sela t6mra   tar      bade    mela   khaoyar        um-dhum        lagaiohSn/
when came then you .   his account-on much fea*ting-of great-preparation h<we-madeS
86la       iy    tak    kail,    cbaba,    tiai       sada-i     amar     kachot   achis,   ar
Thereupon    he hm*to said,    ' child, thou always-even tf-me      near      art,   and