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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"


[No. 43.]

1NDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)

DIALECT.                                                              (Coocn BBHAB STATE.)

A popular song in the Rajbangsl language; being the parting words of a wife
addressed to her husband, a merchant, on the ere of his sailing out to trade in distant
Fraii    sadhu    re",
Dear merchant 0,
Jadi        3an,       sadhu,        parabas,
If       you-go,   merchant, away-from-home,
Na   karen,       sadhu,    parar   a$,
Not   do,       merchant, other's hope,
Apan      hats,       sadhn,    Sdhiyakhan bhato, re.
Own   hand-wtth, merchant cooking eat   rice,    0.
Pran   sadhu   r6,
Dear merchant 0,
Kocbar                  kari,     sadhu,    na  karen bay,
In-cornerrf-lofacloth money, merchant,  not     do spend,
Parar      nari,           sadhu,     apaa     noyay, r§,
Other's      wife,      merchant, tmet-ow   is-not% 0,
(0)   Para    nari,     sadhu,      badbibe"   parano,   re.
Other's  wife,   merchant,   will-kill    soul,     0.
Pran    sadhu rg,                                                   ,
Dear merchant 0,
Je        diya,        sadhu,    taranga   dhar,
What direction-fa, merchant,   wave    force,
Sei        diya,        sadhu,    balu-char, re,
That dtrection-in, merchant, sandbank, 0,
(0)      Gohin    dhare,       sadhu,     baya   den nao, re.
Deep-current in,       merchant, carrying give boat, 0.
Pran       sadhu     r8»
Dear    merchant   0,
Pubfiya   pachehiya              bao,
Easterly   westerly              wind,
GhSpa             chaya,      sadhu,      nagan   nao,
Sheltered-nook,      seeing,     merchant,     moor   loat,
(0) Dar-i         majhi,       sadhu,    akhSn   sabdhan re.
Sower    helmsman, merchant,  keep    careful, 0.