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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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194                                                                  BENGALI.

Mn  sadhu   re,

Dear nierchant 0,

Jei       diya,      sadhu,       sauder       m'ala,
What direction-m, merchant, merchandise of-gathering,
Sei     diya             sadhu,   chhtdSn     gola,      re,

That directwfrin, merchant, construct a-slorehouse, 0,
(0) Bechi kini,     sadhu,  karSn   sabadhane,  re.
Selling   buymg, merchant,  do      wth*care,   0.

Fran  sadhu  re,

Dear merchant 0,

Tor  aohhe,  sadhu,  bapo bhai,
Thine are, merchant, fattier brother,
Mor    abhaginir     sadhu,     keo    nai,   re,
Me-of poor-soul-of, merchant, anyone is-not, 0,
(0)  Kon  dale,    sadhu,     dhairbe    narlr bhaii, re.
WJtat   Jfftmoh, merchant, will-support mfe's weight, 0.

In the Darjceling Tarai, the form of Bengali is in the main Rajbangsi; out we also
find the influence of the neighbouring Korthern Bengali of Dinajpur, in words like
achhila, instead of dchhil or achil, he was. The dialect1 of the Darjeeling Tarai is locally
known as Bahe. Of the two specimens here given, one is a version of the Parable of the
Prodigal Son, and the other is a children's folk-song, In the transliteration, I represent
*a by d.