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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"


[No. 44,]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                        (EASTERN GROUP.)
v                       BENGALI OB BANGA-BHlSHl.
Ak   jbaiikar   dui-ta   bSta    chhila,    Tarhe    bichat    chhota    beta-ta   apnar
One     mans      two      sons     were.    Of*thern   among   younger      son     his-own
bapak    kobol,   cgeba!   dbau-dolat   jei    mui    pam    ta     raok   de,'   Tate
father-to    said, ' 0 father 1   wealth     what    I shall-get that  me-to give.9 At-this
ai   umhar   dono   bbaier    bicbat j say-sampatti    bat-bakhera     karg-dile,   Kiohhu
he    their     two brother's Between      wealth              division         made.        Some
din   bade   chhota   beta   gdte   akhethe-kariya   dur   deSer   mukhe   chal6-gel,   ar
days after younger   son     all       gathering        far country towards   set-out*  and
uthe    "jaya    anacbar   cbaian   chaliya   say-sampatti uraya-pliuraya-dile.   Pachhat
there going     riotous    way      living        wealth               wasted.           Afterwards
ai deSat bara akal pol, ar ar bara dukli liabar dbale. Sela tar-
that comtry~on great famine befell^ and of-him much misery to-be began. Then its*
pacbhat ai jaya           ai-de^er ik-jban nagriyau tale ^arau lile, Ai
after     he   going   of-that*country one-man    citizen's    under  shelter took That
uagriya-ta   ak    apnar    dangat     ^uyar   cbarabar  pathaya-dile,     Pachhat   3uyare
citizen    him his-own into-fields swine     to-feed         sent.         Afterwards s**>ne
3'eila   akandi   khay   aila   diya   ai     apnar     pet   bharbar   buddUi-kole,   mudda
what     husks    eat   those  with he   his-own   belly   to-fill        wished,           but
kaha-i      ak    dile-ni.        PacHhat   hiSs     pafe,    ar   kahbar   lagil,   de  cmor
even-any-one him gave-noU   Afterwards sense he-got^ and   to-say   began, that 'my
baper kata darhma-khuya chakrlya peter adbik-dhik kharak pay,
father9 s how-many hired          servants of-belly more-than-enough food get,
ar    mui   hithe      bhoke       marechhul   Mui   ala   arho   bapere-the   jam,    ar
and    1      here   with-hunger am-sujfering I   I    now again father-to shM-go> and
kalmm,   "ba ge!   dhararn   chbara     tor    agat       kata      pap      konu,       mui
thall-say, "father 0! heaven against of-thee before how-much sin   Lhave-done>   I
'je   tor  beta ita   katba   ar     kahibar   Jaiga   na  ha'i.  Mok   tor   darhtna-khuya
that thy   son this word again  to-utter     Jit     not am.   Me     thy       hired
cbakarer   lakha   rakhSk*" '   Pachhat   a'i   apnar     bapere   lagat    gel.   Magar   ai
servant's     like      foep" '       Then     he his-own father's near   went.    JBut    he
durat        rahite-i     ar     bap    ak dekhibar   pale, dekhilmaute      doriya jaya
at-a-distance while-was his father him   to-see      got, as-soon-as-he-saw running goinq
ar    bap      ar    betat    gala    dhariya   chuma   khale.   Beta    ak   kabhar   lagil,
his father   his    son's    neck    holding      kiss      ate.   The-son  him to-say   began.