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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

[No. 45.)
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)
Chora     ]*a       ']'§»       'ja       'ja    churi-kariba,
Thief     go      go      go       go        to-steal>
Gharer   aga-pachha-diya   kata-i   dhan   achhe   pakiya,
House's  before-behind-on   iwch  paddy     is        ripe>
Jamir   dhan   pakiya   achhe   rang-rangiariya,
Field's paddy    ripe       is        eolowred-being,
Tharay     gutik   chaul   achhe,   re   chora,
Little   quantity  rice       is,      o    thief,
Abalkar    hohe;   chhuya   ki    khabe        bihane      uthiya? 1.
For-evening will-be*  baby  what will*eat in-the*mornwg rising? 3.
Sara    rati   dine    churi-ki-kara-jay,
Whole- night  day    can~thqft-be-done9
Bat      ka^iya,     ilt   bhaiigiya,
Night keeping-tip^ cold 8ufferwg>
Mor   Łarir    ^ukaya-]ay;
My    body    is-rediwed;
Siyal   kukurer   mata    bera      nahi     ]ay*
Jackal    dog's     like   rambling   not     I-can.
Eata    kashta   ohuri-karite,
How-much trouble      to-steal,
Ek   din   mui   gechhu,   tor            bahnu        ggehhe,
One day    I      went,    your   sister*s»husband   went9
Se    din       'jatra      miohha   haiche;
That day   going-out fruitless    was;
Gii*astere         ihela       paya»
House-holder's threatening receiving^
Tor          bahnu        palay   hatase;
Tonr  sister*s-husband   ran fearing;
Chakat-chikit   bhakat-bhikit
Like-fireflies   here»and*there
Agun   jolgohhe;
Fwe     flamed;
§alar         erharer   char-ta   kukur,
Brother*in*law's house9s   four    dogs*