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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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bhatarage                  kolake                kandiya    kandiya-mi,       hauri              ghar

the-husband    having-taken-to-her-lap    weeping      weeping      mother-in-law     house
bay       Jate.      Koy   dina                thakiya-mi                        haurira        marile.

direction   went.    Some   days   remaining (ie. afterwards)   the-mother-in-law   died.
Kgje        hapala    kay   magu   kay     mau     tsinibake   na       pale.        Magura
Therefore   the-child   who    wife    who   mother    to-know    not   was-able.    The-wife
a<*e          puhiya                paliya         daagar   kariya-mi   lekha       para     hikibake

him    having-nwsed    haying-tended      big       making    writing   reading    to-learn
ekra   mastar   thit   diya   pathase.    Kay   dina      hikiya-mi        hapala      mastar
a     master    to   giving    sent.     Some   days   having-learnt   the-child   the-master
hit   kale,    'amla     gharte     thaka    timada     mala      ki       hay     kabake    na
to    said9      'our     house-in    living    woman    rne-of    what     is       to-say    not
pay.        Hut               kaleo             rao    na     kay,        jit         kari         thake/

I-can. Question on-making-even word not says, silence making remains'.
Tani mastara kase, cek dina tax iteke kubao, tsangshai ki kay/
Then the-master said, 'one day well teat, let-see what she-says'
Tani hapala ay timadage kubale. Tani timada kase, 'maguge kgne
Then the-child that woman teat. Then the*woman said, 'wife why
ingke kubao ?' Tani hapala            buj          pale. Hapala sharam

thus      you~beat?9      Then     the-child     knowledge      got.       The-child     shame
paya-mi       mastar      thit   ney    kay.        Mastarla           bujte         apana   magu

having-got   the-master    to    not   spoke.    The-master's   intellect-by   his-own   wife

hapala     tsinile.
the-child    knew.                            ____________

In a certain country there lived a king whose daughter became of marriageable age.
Then the kin? said, 'I shall give my daughter in marriage to whomever I see first
to-morrow morning.* A widow, who had a'suckling male-child, heard this. So she left
it sleeping in the courtyard of the king's palace before the day dawned. As soon as the
king rose, the first human being he saw was the child, and so, as soon as he saw him, he
maraed his daughter to him; but great sorrow arose iu the hearts of both him and his
queen. The Princess, without speaking a word, took her husband in her lap, and went
to the house of her motherrin-law, weeping as she walked. A few days after this the
mother-in-law died, so the babe never knew who was his mother and who was his wife.
The wife nursed and tended him till he was a grown-up boy, when she sent him to
school to learn reading and writing. After learning for a while, the stripling said to his
master, 'there's a woman in our house, and I don't know what she is to me. If I ask
her she keeps silent, and won't answer me/ The master said, tf soine day give her a
sound drubbing, and let us see what she will say/ . The boy then boat the woman, and
she cried out,c why do you beat your wife in this way ?' The boy then understood, and
became ashamed to speak to bis master, for 1 he came to know his wife through the
master's artifice.