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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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EASTERtf OF EAJST SYLHET.                                                   223

strir          ei    kanda dekhiya   hara   hhay   pail.       Par   din     kutum-shakal

of-hfaietfe     this   action    seeing   much  fear   got.       Next day   the~relation*-all

gels       par    she   tar    strire    ka'il,   'tomar    baper     bant      zaibar      khabar

going     after    he    his   wife-to   said,     'your   father's   house    of-going    message

ashse,      ekhana-i         zaite               haiba.                    Ei     katha   kahiya    sbe

has-come,    now-even        to*go      fowill-be-necessary.        This    word    saying     he

tar    strl     ar   sailare       laiya,          ek    nao       kariya,      bar!    thakiya   rowaua

his   wife   and     son   having-taken,    a     boat    engaging,   home    Jrom      started

hail.          Kata        dur        giya   ek-ta      ganger           maz'ktiane        ek

he-became.     Some    distance   going      a,       of-a-river         in*he-muht   a-eertain
t§ar         pail.              Kbankar      takhan    tar    strire   ka'il,   Humi      tsarer

island   he-found.       Tha-Khankar     then      his   wife-to   said,    *yM   of-ttie-idand
upar            utliiya                   pak-shaker                 zogar            kara,     amra     mas

on       having-climbed      of-cooking-ettietera     preparations      make,      we       fish
la'iya-ashi.*                   Ei       katha    ka'iya,    tar   stri-re         tsarer        upar

having-caught-wturn.9          This     word    saying.    Us     wife     of-the-island      on

rakhiya,   she tar   sailare   laiya    naoe        bahut       diir      tsaliya   gel.      Takhan
placingt    he   his     son    taking in?the*boat   great distance    going   went.       Then
tar    strl     tar     matlab           buz'te          p&ril,       ar       dakiya      ka*ite   lagil,

his    wife    his   intention    to-understand   toa^able    and calling-o\it    to-Bay   began,
*0-re,        mukh-pora       Khankar,       sailar       mayay   tor     siz    pran     rakhlam
'So,    thou'fiurnt-faced    JKhankdr,  of-tfie*son  w*pity   thy  to-day   life     I-sftared,
na          ha'ile          tamsha             dekhaitam,                 Za     barl     za.         Kintu

not   if-it-had-been a-wonder     Irwould-have*shoion.          Go    home    go.          But

tor       bhitat           zara     thakhba,        tara-i      nirbangsha      haiba.*      liz-6

thy   in-house-site whoever  will*dwell,   they-verily   childless    will-be**   Toğday*alsQ
parfanta    ai   Khankarer      bhita       khali    pariya   ase*
that Khankar's house-side    empty    fallen    is.

In the Sunamganj Subdivision of the Sylhet District, there is a village named
Kalisuri, in which dwelt a certain Khankar*' His family consisted of his wife and one
son. One night there came a few of his relations on a visit; and when she had finished her
cooking, his wife asked him to go out and cut some plantain-leaves, as there were
not sufficient dishes in the house* He refused, saying, c how am I to get leaves at this
hour of the night ?' Thereupon his wife, without leaving the house, stretched out her
hand, and cut some plantam4eares off a tree which was in Mamudpur, a village fully two
dandas, or a walk of forty-eight minutes, distant. When the Khankar saw this miracle
he was filled with terror, and, on the following day, as soon as his relations had gone he
told her that a message had come from her father's house, and that they must set out
there at once. Then, taking his wife and son, he engaged a boat and started. After going
some distance they came to an island in the middle of the river, and he said to his wife,
* you land here and make arrangements for cooking, and we will go and catch some fish.*
Saying this, he landed her, and went off a long way in his boat Then his wife understood
his design of abandoning her, and cried out to him, 'Thou burnt-faced Khankar, in pity
for thy son, I spare thy life this day, otherwise would I have shown thee a terrible miracle.