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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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EASTEfcN OP BAST SYLHET.                                                        225

villages, for h&t gao, which is itself for Bat g&o. In Eastern Sylbet (as distinct from the
western sub-dialect) j is not pronounced as z. On the contrary the z of Hindustani words
is pronounced as j. Thus jamm, land, for zamw. The distinction between cerebral and
dental consonants baa almost (but not quite) vanished. Educated natives can sometimes
distinguish between ath-gao, eight villages, and 'at-gao, but not easUy. Practically,
the literary word ashta (pronounced .asta) is used for * eight/1

The umlaut, or epenthesis, is noticeable in Sylhettia. A coming ei* (ee) sound
influences a present vowel, if there is a consonant between ; e.g., Wt katfa is sounded
kaitfd,, Tfa (Ttf*0 leal (Jkali) is pronounced kail Similarly, Ffa (Ftfo) char (chari) is Eft*
taif, Ifts (Standard Bengali Utfe fatfn") is rait, and so on. This influence is even
felt by an antecedent ^ u sound, as in ^f?T8 ghurio, which is plainly ghnirid on a
Sylhettia's tongue.

In the following note, when a is pronounced as the 6 in ' home/ it will be trans*
literated 5,


Norn. ^ gMr.

Gen, W ghdrdr.                                                  Ttft J5fi, a homestead*

Loc. ^3H (^Rf) jfftflro.                                             Locative ^tfl^ (45ri#),

Abl. ??$&& ghdrtanS.                                             So other nouns in ^t.

Singular,                                                 "Plural

Nom. ^Tt^     wianuBh, Ml^W m&nu&he (Mfc^W maiwaft^).     ^t^^l mfiw«Ara.
Gen. ^1         m&nshdr.                                                  ^t^ft mdmshrar.


Ace.     do.           do.                                                               do.           do.

Inst.     nte«W m&inshe.

The plural sometimes ends in ^tt»r am.   Thus Wt^ gUr&in, houses ;



Singular.                                                  Plural.

1.  «rtf5f OTPFTfr amidekhildm                 "stt^l OTt«PIt«f ««»m deWldm.

2.  ^OffWtl tumideleUUy               CSt^tl OTf^Tt5 tomrd dfthildy;
^JTOd^r   tufadekUle                 CffWC^W toradgMile.

3.  <51^ (honori^o) C?^?rl iaw» rfeiAfte            t*|$*J|-tw ^ cfffffrt f»t«f« or fain /«*«

i       »e(«^de*M5,          «ta*teJ   d«**««.

'        ^*AW            «t« -CTplWl (dff^; <«ffi dgfc*«5, C*F^ rfeJAW


1. '•ftft QFSSanimimu [^oix^clSkMSm-- properly Western Sylheij

3. Jfter.aptjrt- iafotekVb8 (hanorifie^

» A^thoritieg do not tf *t* jtat flw of ifa«tattnu BAa
W «atir.of SylUet DJaA oowider? fta* 5 .ftbcmnMidtf-lih.*** W» ^ «,
Terence betwei e* «ra. cl & >A te* the Mnsata** of *te .JTorth-east :<* A.

ui/.  ftehtte f H* ^ fr «» *W at the

?.tfe Ulv