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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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EASTERN 0* BAST &Y1HET,                                                      227

kemane, how ; C^PT kene, why ; *Wf aAaaw, now ; fVs? UlPl kior Idgi  or
kiser Idgi, why ?   The last phrase is ordinary Bengali.

Construction.  The most noticeable peculiarity of construction is with regard to
the infinitive of purpose or desire,

* I wish to go* may be expressed 

ami jdite chdi.

sft ami jditdm chdi.
SBTtf*T <dR<*U Et^!   ami Jdibdr chdi.
In the second case both the verbs are inflected in the other persons,

Fte tumijditdy chad.

a chain.

Some simple sentences*

1.  *5rt1t?rfa id    ^irw ^wpjw, ^prtT i     *wi  fw ft i

Asirdr   ma ghdrtane b'dgse hunldm.   Eatha hasd  ni T
heard that Asira's mother has fled from home.   Is not this true ?

2.  ^tfif      ^$til     *ttWfo    5fl

J[mi   ka'itdm   partdm   nd.
I could not say.

3.  i^sf&i    t^sl   sftt^t  cn1^  ^rfef
Sdrd-td  Uta,  Idgi  dauri  aise?

Why has the boy run here ?

baphe mdrtidr Idgi   kheddise.
His father pmrued him to beat him.

5. FLadytocook]   IfrsJ   rtl    ^5

J^7a  ^d     iMf   bdndil 'all nd?
How ? has the rice not been cooked?
[Servant]   sfl ^tfir ^5 ^ rt^t
Nadmi   *dt kdti Idisi.
Ko, I have cut my hand.

[ Lady ]     ^t*F5?1?t   CStBT    ^fef   fir   ^tl%?l    ^Rf ^f%   ft^R

ILdramjadl  tore  hwwn   di  bdriya   bar kari  dibdr  kdm.
You good-for-nothing;   You ought to be beaten with a broom and turned

[Servant ]   <?mft 1*t ^1     ^rpRt^T   fspRF ^51   ^     ^rtrt ^Itft I

i kitd Jcarmu ? aphwintar nimak khdiyd tan bdndhd d*i. JLphndiwte

fif  ^Tlf^re    ^5f(    -"fl I
hurcfin   di  bdrtte-o jditdm nd.

Mistress  (Lit. foster-sister).   What can I do?   I have eaten your

salt and am devoted to you.   Even if you. beat me with a broom, I

could not go.

[Mistress]  ^  ^i   <J<F ^ ^fe^rl \

Chub thak,   bak bak kari* nd.   Tor  9dt d'uiyd katakhim tel Idgdi de,

tail dr bish karto nd.