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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No, 61.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)


EASTERN DIALECT.                                              (EAST OF SYLHET DISTRICT, ASSAM.)

Ami   amar    barit   aslam.   Teu   ek   saliay         giya        ka'il,           <til

I       my   house-in  was.     Then   a   child    having-gone    said,      * sesamim

ney-giya          Arjade       katiya.'        Teu     ami     gesi,      giya-hari ^       apatti

has-taken*away    having-cut.9    Then      I      went,     haying-gone    objection

karlam,      'til       kafcta    ma.5     Tar-pare       he    ka'ise    36,     'Sharat    ThakuiAr
made,   'sesamum   cut     not.9   Thereafter     he     said   that*    ' Sarat      ThaJcur's
hukume        aisi     ami          til         katat.'      Tar-pare   ami   ka'ilam    ]e,     *amar

order-by   am-come   1      sesamuw    to^cut.9   Thereafter I       said       that*   'my
saudda   basari       jot-jamin,         phalail         phashal,         tui     nitegi     Mlakan.'
fourteen years   cultivated-land, sown (was) the-crop (by me) tkou art-taking   why ?*
Teu      kasi     laiya    kudise     amar bay-diya amare kati-laSta.      Tar-pare      ami
Then a-sicUe taking he-rushed   of-me  towards    me       to*cut.       Thereafter     I

kasit     dharsi    tbaba       mariya.          Tar-par     pak-diya          sa'ilam;         tau

the*sickle caught my-hand by~mexns-of.   Thereafter backwards 1 looked back; then

dekhi tar roamu     eS>jan        kbara,     Teu   he    aiya   amare 5    tare sutaiya-dil.
1 see  his   uncle one-person standing.   Then he coming    me   and him separated.

Pare          dauri      lathi      laiya   amar   mathar   maj'e    marse      bari.      Ami

Afterwards  running   a-stiok   taking    my     of-head     on     he-struck a-blow.     I

ka'isi,    'dekbio,    thakur-hakal,     amare       mari-lail/        Tar-pare      ami     bari
said,      'look       gentlemen-all^       me      he-has-MlledS    Thereafter    I     a-blow

kbaiya       pari-gesi-giya.   Amare   bejan   lathi   diya    pithir     maj'e       marse
having-eaten     fell-down.        Me     soundly stick      by    of-back      on         he-beat

hat&r      maj'e     6       marse.        Tar       pare     he             til               katiya

of-the-hand    on       also   he-beat.   Of-that    after     he     the-sesamum      having-cut

ba'iya-nise-giya.   Amare amarbhaginay barit    anil.      He        til            ka^ise, ar

carried~it-away«     Me     my    nephew,   home brought.   He the-sesamum    cul,    and

huruta  kayguye       balsun.
boys    several carried-it-away.

I vas at home. Then a child came and told me thatt Arzad was cutting and
carrying off my sesamum. On this I went (to the field), and objected to his cutting.
Then he replied, <I am come to cut the sesamum by the order of Sarat Jhakttr,' I
answered, 'This land has been cultivated by me for fourteen years. The crop was
sown by me. How cfnyou take it?' He then rushed at me with a sickle, to out me,