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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 52,]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)


EABTEBB DIALECT.                                                           (OACEAE DISTRICT, ASSAM.)
[In the phonetic-transcription * represents the elhion of an aspirate, which gives a pronunciation like that of A in the
French word Ute, 8 is hard as in thit, «*», It is not pronounced like the th in sfott, which is represented by sh. 2, is
somewhat softer than the % o! tea/, bat not so soft as the * in pleasure.
Pronounce a as the a in hat; e is the e in net; 6 as the o in hot; & like a in a#; and oi as in oil. The letter o
(without any diacritical mark) represents the sound of the first o in promote ^^ is the o in the French wordcofr* as
compared with v6tre. It should be carefully distinguished from the 6 of hot.
Other consonants and Towels are pronounced as in the authorized Government system.]
Ekjan    manushar   ^duguya     puya     achhila*     Tar      majhe       chhutatay
AkzSn    mdnshdr       dugttd       pud         dsiL       Tdr      maze            sutdtdi
One-person         man's                two               sons               were.       Of»them       among               the-younger
bap-re  kaila,     fibaba,      amar      hisat       samanar     ye      "bat      pare,   hi
bdp-re   Wilti^     Ci5&5,      dmdr      hishdt     shdmdndr     ze      bdt      p8re,   hi
the-fathsr-to     said,         'father,             my            share-in        of-property       what       share      may-fall,   that
bat   ama-re   dSo/         Bape   tar     samau    batiya    tara*re    diya*laila.        Thura
bdt   &im*re   dad.*        Sdpe   tdr    Bhdmm     bate     tdrd-re    did*ldilti.        Thurd
shate      me-to       give.'            The-father    his       property      dividing        them-to       gave-away*             A-few
din    tare    hura   puyay    tar    hisar   habbai    dban   ekhaiia    kariya    durai
din    kSre    huru    pudi      tdr   hishdr   hdbbdi     dhfa    ekhdnS      kfo$    duroi
days       after   the-younger     son         his      of-share         all             wealth   in-one-plaoa     making,   very-distant
bidel       gechhila-giya.    Hikhaua     giya    phatuyami    kariya    habbai      dhau
bidesh        gesil-gia.         HikhdnS     gid        fdtudmi       kSre      hdbbdi      dhon
foreign-country        went-away*                 There       having-gone      debauchery         doing              all              wealth
uraiya-dila.      Tar    habbai     dban     kharaoh    hai-gele   par,   hau    deSa    bara
nf&MiU.        Tdr    hdbbdi     dh8n       khorSs     hot*g%l$   f8r,   hoii   desha    bSrd
he-wasted.            His             all             wealth         eipended    having-beoome after,     that in-oountiy    a-very
jabar       akal     lagila,      tea     tar     kharohar      tauatarti      arambha      haila.
t$b$r       dkdl     l&gil%        teu    tdr      khorsor       tdmtmi      drSmbho      hollo.
tevere         famine        began,           then      his           ofcxpense              distress             beginning      took-plao&
Tar      bade     se hati       de£ar       ek       girasthar      lage       giya      milila.
Tdr      bade     he  hoii      deshdr      dk       girSsthdr      I8ge        gid       mlilS.
Of-that        after        he     that        of-country         a             house-holder           near         going,           joined.
Girastha        ta-re   ^uyar    rakhibar    lagiya    banda    pathaiya-dUa.     Hikhana
OirSstho        td-re    hutir    rdkhibdr     Idgid     bttodft     <pttthdid»dil$.      HikhdnS
The-honse-hbWer         him        ewine       of-keeping            for         in-field             sent-away.                   There
Suyare     ye    tush    khaita,   hau   tushdiya   pet   bbarte    palle-o       se   bhala
hufoe      te    tush     khditS,   hoii   tush did   pdt   bhSrte     palle-d      he   bhdla
what     husks    nsed-to-eat,    those    hasks  with    belly     to-fill   if-he-had-been-able   he       good
paila-ane,       kintu   keu     ta-re     tush-6    dila-na.       Yebla   tar    tub     baila
D5t7o-^g,         kintu   keu     ta-re     tush-o    dilo«nd.       Zebld   tdr   hush     hofto
but     $ny-one      him-to   husks-eten      gare-not.           When      his       sense         became