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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 53,]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)

DIALECT.'                                                       (GACHAB EISTBICT, ASSAM.)

11 1 *rw? *rc*r 4$ ^rtftefa ^ i  ftft (4*iW4


*tt ^nra ?t^5 ISR^I ft i Tt^t torn ?tft«. ttc? u Ttct iB«nnr «Pw iw
«itff*r i      ft «rW i»Rf*f itrfo ^CT ^fi Tt^ i Tt^t «ttr ^tft^ * i o


[la the phonetic transcription * represents the elision of an aspirate, which gives a pronunciation Hke that of A in the
Frencb. void A&e. 8 i» hud as in this, sin. It is not pronounced like the £& in shell, which is represented by *&. Zis
lomewhat softer than the * of JBM?, but not so soft as the * in pleasure.
Pronounce 0 as the «in &rf; e as the «in we#; o as the o in hot s & like tf in all; and oi as in ot7. The letter o
(withont any diacritical marl) represents the sound of the first o in promote, and is the French word wire as compared
with rftre. It should be carefully distinguished from the o of hot*
Other consonants and vowels axe pronounced as in the authorized Government system,]
Ami  gai   cirari   kari-na.     Smar   lag§    ei   adaoti    kartra.   Ami   Kisaren
Ami  gai    suri    kori»n&*    £m&r    logS    Si   dddoti    kortrd*   Ami KisJidrer
I    the-oow   theft        "did-nofc,           Of*me       with    this   enmity      is-doing,         I        of-Kishor
mSk&ddamay talabi kari.    Tar pare Nachhibali Thakurdhan era  ama-re kaila,
tookoddomai   tal&bi tiori.    Tdr fore   NM&li    %hakw$m era &ma*re Mild,
in-tihe-caw   looking-after  do*     Of-that   after     Nasib-'AH (and)    Thakur-dhan and-others    me-to     said,
lioi mdkaddamar     talabi dihariya-de*'    Tar   par   ami   Bupa Mifla Chaudhurir
*tui moJcoddomar     tatiU     ia$*fa*       T&r Jor   ami  Mfa   Mm    Sodrir
'you       of-theHsase     lookhg»afto           ghe-up,'         OMhat after      I        Rup&     MiySfL    Cbaudhri's
baxit paramar^a   karar   lagi gediWam. Bait   at-tar amale ami sei ban haite
Mfft for&morsho Koraf   lagi   gfalam.   Bait   af-far   amole ami hei Idri hdite
in-house   eonsultation    of-making    for         went      At-night   at-eight     o'clock      I     that house   from
pMriya     Sate  TJmaier    bant    dakkh%8     rasiar-madhye       ama-re      TImar,
)lf2      ashte  Umwdr    barfa     dakkhinS      rastdr-modd'e      ama-re      TJmar,
rjtaroing     coining     Umar's       of-house        ou-south        of-tie road-in-the-middle        me               Umar,
NaoWubali,   Mubefivar,  ThaJcurdban   Ohaudhim,  Mnjephar,   lyakube dharohh^
Noribdli,    MutesfaJw, %Mkw$fa       Sofoi       Muzefar,     TaMbe      fffoil.
S5»ib*A]i          Mtibeiwir,         Thlkur^a           Chaudhrl,        Muzaffar,            Tak^b             twied,