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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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EASTBRS OP TIPPEHA.                                                     243
ami   tumar   bada         bailla        ka'itam   pari    na/   Kintu      bape        tar
/    ' thy      son     having-ealled    to-say      can   not'     But    the-father    his
tsakar            tsakramra-re     kail,   <k'ub   Vain    kapar          ainna         ta-re
servant (and)  fe>male-servants-to  said,   f very    good   clothes  hanng-brought him-to
pind'aiya-dao,     ugla     angdi   £k-jxir   binama        ginna            dao,     ar      amra
put-cn>            a         ring    a~pair     shoes     having-brought   give,   and    (let)-us
k'aiya         laaya     k'nb        amud      allad   kari.   Kie-re-ka'i,   amar    ei   pute
having-eaten  etcetera  much   merriment    joy   make.     Because      my    this   son
maira         gfisil,             baissa                  aise;                'araiya                gisil,
hating'died    went,      having-survived       has-come;      having-been-lost     had-gone,
pawa-gase.5        H&yar    bade    tara    k'tib      rang         shuru       kariL
has^een-found*   Of-this   after   they   much   rejoicing   beginning    made.
Ar    tar    bara   pute      pat-re       asil.   Te         barir       kase         a'iya
And   his   eldest   son    the-field-w   was.  He   of*the-house   near    hamng~come
rang-tamsba            gan      bazna   shuniL   Te   takhan      barir         tsakrarar
rejoicing-merriment   singing    music   heard.   He     then     </-h<we    of-the-servanfa
maize     ak      zan-re     zingail,   *itan     kitano?'     Te     ka'hil,     ftumar     b'ai
among   one  person-to    osked,    'this     what?*      He     said,        'thy    brother
barit             aise,         Sr    tumar   bap      khaoner  ba'tit-tan    karsse.    Kiye-re
to-the-house    has-come*    and      thy   fattier   qf-eating     much   has-made. Because
?e   tain   ta-re     baissS        paise/      Kintu   te     rag      a!l,      bit-re        zaite
that   he      him   surviving ha*-fowd.9     But    he   angry became,  inside-to     to-go
tsail-ca.       Her    bade   tar    bap        gatar        igay        aishsta,   kattha-mate
mshed-not.   Of»this after   his father of-the house in-front having-come,  by-toords
bnz5ail.          Tate    te tar    bap-re   ka'il,   'una,     "aiz    basar   d'aira   tnmar
remonstrated.   Thereon  he  his father-to said*  * here, so-many years  during    thy
shata         karsi,         ar    tumar   shathe     'uizza       kata         ka'i       nai,   ata
service   I-have-done,   and   qf-thee   with   disobedient   word   I-have-said not>   yet
basarer   maize   am£re   ngla   padi-6          dao       nai,    ze    amar   band'   tara-re
of-a-year     in      me-to    a    kid*even thou-gavest not,   that   my friends    them
laiyS              amud             kari;         §x    tumar   ei    put   natlnira-re   tumar
having-taken,   merriment   I*may-make;   and     thy     this    son   to-harlots      thy
haggal    bitti-bashat               k'awaise,              ar    te    zakhan        ail,           tar
whole    wealth-goods   has-caused-to-be>eaten>   and   he      when      he-came,     of-him
laigga        kat-tan    khaonear        zugar               karsa.1            Kintu   tar   bap
for-the-saJce   how-much   qf-eating   preparation   hast-thou-made.'     £ut     his father
ka'il,      'Fut-o,     tumi    hagal      din    amar     k|se   asa,     amar      ze-tan    ase
said,     * Son*0,     thou     every     day    qf-me    near    art    my      whatever   is
hagal-tan     tumar;   kintu   t6       maira      g&sil,            baissa                  aise;
everything   thine(is);   but     he   having-died   went,     having-survived      has-come;
'araisil,       pawa-gase,           Uite    ena        amud       allad       kar.9
teas-lost,   has-been-found,   therefore   thus  merriment   joy   lefais make?
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