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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 55.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                        (EASTERN GROUP.)
EASTEBN DIALECT.                                                                    (TIPPEBA DISTKICT,)
D'aramabatar,         amar        haim-re        ashshale         mari-na.        llit'4
Incarnation-of-justice      my     mother-in-law      really       Ldid-not*beat.   A-false
nalish          kasse.        Tan  phute   aioare       masse.    Ami   gase mangalbar-din
complaint she-has-made.   Ser    son       me     has-beaten.    I     went   on-Tuesday
subf-re      pSyre        tsSya      karto         iuli      gasilam.          Madane       baxit
at-dawn   the~hills-to firewood   to-cut   saying (for) I-went.   In-the-a/ternoon home
aiyar      dekhi   amar    zanaua   bant      nai.      Hazze    Ali   kari   amar   igga
having-come   I-see    my      wife   at-home   is-not.     Eajl    *All named   my     one
sota    rakkal-pola     asil,    Heta-re   zingailam,   * tai konde ?*       Te        ka'il
small   shepherd-boy    was.      Him      I-asked^   ' she where F      Se    said (that)
amar       haiiri              aiya        ku-shalla ku-paramarsh           di,              lai-
my   mother-in-law   having-cme            bad-advice              having-given,   had-taken-
gase-gai.           D'aramabatar,        hetir   piad^ane,      galat              'asli       asil,
her-away.   Incarnation-of-justice,   of-her    worn,    on-the-neck   a*neek'rin$   was,
nakat           bolak       asil,      phayaye      bek-kharu    asil,   hitan-hudda    gase-
on*the-nose   a-nose-ring    was,   on-her-ankle    an-anJ(let    was,    there-toith she-has-
gai.      Ami              haru-din                   diu-gudaste-raite,         makrimer
gone-away.    I      the*day*bqfore*yesterday    at-the*time-of-evening,   of-the-makrim*
bade,         gayer           lifisat         lai        hetir      baper         bari
prayer   after,   the-village's   pa&chayat    taking       her     father's   to-the-house
galam-arL                'Aifisat-ra                 haggale          maiz                      uthanat
I-wents    The-members-of-the-panchayat      all    in-the-middle (of-the)    courtyard
saper   b'itre   thiyaise.   Ami hetarar   piirber        b'itar              adgarar
of-a-mat on       stood.        1     their of-the-east  of-the-house of-the-addition&l*shed
bain-duyare       odar«urpe        gesi,         bade           amar             bargiri
at*the-back*door   steps-w-the   was-gone,   Afterwards      my       wife's-elder-brother
kon         kul-tban      domraiya             ai                  ladidi       bash     b*airer
what    direction-from   running        having-come     a-stick-wth at-once    leg
b'itre         &k         bari            maisse    pMr      uitt'a             dapnay
on           one    $tick-(blow)      he-beat  again     rising     on*the-shonlder-blade
bari                maisse.        Amat             shelak                      his-kul           di
a»stick-(blow)    he-struck.        My   wtfe's-younger-brother      back-direction from
kani      6         tsatkana       maisse.         D*aramabatar             amar       zayam
and      elbow-blow      struck.      Incarnatwn-qf* justice     my         wounds