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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 57.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)
EASTERN DIALECT.                                                         (SANDfp, NOAKHAXI DISTRICT.)
[In the phonetic transcription.' represents the elision of an aspirate, which giyes a pronunciation like that of A in the
Trench word We. Z is somewhat softer than the * of seal, hat not so «of t as the »in pleawre. Tie letter * (above the
line) is rery faintly pronounced, and is, indeed, hardly audible.
Pronounce a as the a in Jtat,- e as the« in we*; oas the o in itf; and otasinoft The letter o (withoutany
diacritical mark) represents the sound of the first o in jwwwfc.and is the o in the French word votr«,»» compared with tttrt
H should be carefully distinguished from the o of hot.
Other consonants and vowels are pronounced as in the authorized Government system.]
(1)   ilim      tushta      oyajete      sunle        Mosalman.
Alim      tushto      tcdzete      fhmle      Mdsholmdtt.
A'learned-man    (is)-nleased    at>pnaehing if.ligtan(*to-14m)    Mnsaltnini.
Dukhi      tushta      dukhanale      paUe      kalyan.
Dnkhi      tmkto      duMdnole      p&He      kdillan.
A-sad-man      is.plM»ed   in-the-fire-of sadness     getting         happiness.
(2)   Bhikshay       tashta      bhikati,     kaigale      paUe       dhan.
SHkWty      Mkfo       Vilcari,      idngale      ydile       dhon.
By-alms               pleased       (is) a-be^ar,       a-pow-man    when-he-geta     wealth.
Suder      taka      ^ghra      patte      tushta      mahajan.
Shud'er    tak&      nhig'ro     $dile      twthto       mdhdzdn.
Of-interest  the-money        quickly         getting         pleased      is-the-money-lender.
(3)   Mahabfcatali    kahe     bafiohha   uddil      na      pai,
Jktdholbotdli      Tiohe       tolnsa    oddish      na      $54
MuhabbafAU         ^ys            dedre         object          not      h»mg!got,
Sa^ur            ba?i      jamai    tushta     noya   nabin   khai.
Shoshur         bdri      gamai    tushto      noa   nobw    thai
Of-his-father-in-law   m-the-notue a-son-ln-law C«>pleased      new    novelties    eoting."
(4)      Jalia      tushte      Jal      baone      yadi    pay   maohh.
Zdlm       tushto       ml       bdone       gddi    pay    mat. '
A-fishernian    (is)-pleas»d      his-net      on-setting        if        )»&b      figj, '
Sutar      tushta      karigari      pai      bhala      gachh
SMar     tu»hto       karigori      pdi      bhdld        gds '
A-caipentw   (is).plea»ed     (forJ-hisHsraft     getting       »^ood             tree.'
(5)   Asak      tushta     maluk      paile      premadhik   sakha.
Jshok     tiuhfd     mdhsuk     pS4U      prSmddMk   ,hd&hd
A-lover      <w>plea*d     his-beloved      finding            ^^g       companion.
Nari      tnshta      alankare      purush   paUe   bska.
Nari      twAto      ttdnkdre      puntah  paile  i£k&.
A-woman     (ia>pleased      atHtmamente .   (md)a-man  getting   gaUant.'     -