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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 60.]
1NDQ-ARYAN FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP.)
[In the phonetic transcription'represents the elision of an aspirate, which gives a prommoatwn like that of & in the
French word hote. Z is somewhat softer than the s of seal* but not so soft as the s in pleatxre* The letter 7 (afore the
line) is very faintly pronounced, and is, indeed, hardly audible.
Pronounce a as the a in hat; e nearly as the e in met; o as the o in hot; andot as in o&. The letter 0 (without snr
diacritical mark) represents the sound of the first o in promote, and is the o in the JPrench word votrt as compared with vttre.
It should he carefully distinguished from the o of hot.
Other consonants and vowels are pronoanced as in the authorized Government system.]
Jilbunia-te     Tomeraddi     Aydar   Hear   nati,
Zilbunid-te    Tomeroddi      Oidor   Medr   ndii,
At-Jilhnnia          Tfimeraddi (is)         5*idar       Mia's    grandson,
Mokamia-te   Lalmati   ai-rangar    yubatL
Mohdmid-te   Zalmoti   oi-'rdnger     ziitotl.
At-Mok5mia         Lalmati      of-same-CTloor   yaung-voman.
Tomeraddi   e-mulluhe    more    rehona.
Tomeroddi   e*mulluhe    more   reho-nd.
TomSr&ddi      in-this-countiy         me         keep-not.   (I)
Jop-khali-te   basat    kare   Jetdla      byapan,
Zop-Jchdli-te   lo&hdt   hore   Zeulld      Idparv,
At-JopkhiH        dwelling     makes      ZiaollS         merchant,
Tar-garer      obhodsi     maiya      Lalmati   stnidarL
Tar-gorer        *odo        wain      L&lmoti   hundori
Of-his-hcuse (wife)      youngest       daughter           Lslmati       heantifaL
Tomeraddi   e*mulluhe more   rehona.
Tomeroddi   e-m*ttuh3 more   reU-n&.
T6m5iaddi      ia-this^craiitry      me        keep-not (2)
M6kamia-te   dechhe biya      Ku&khar    poyer    de,
MoMmid-te     dese    U&      Ku&k&kMr    pwr    de,
At-Mok&mift      has-giYfln-mairiage       Ku^-Khan^         son       with,
Tar      anlake^ir,     taga    komare jor   madali matfe.
Tdr    avid-faster,   Ug&    komore tor   madoK mate.
HeMf        long-hair,         girdle     at-tha waist, dotiHe     amnlet     om-haad,
Tomeraddi   e-mtilluhe   more   rebona*
Tomeroddi e-mulluhS   more   nfand.
TomSraddi     in*thi«-country      me         keep-not (3)
Kane   acbhe   kanebapa,    cake acbhS
Sane     dse     kdntedpd,    naU   dse
In-eat         is             ear-ring,         on-nose      is
lalmatir        gale       acbbe   sonar   cbikli-dana.
Zdlmolir       gdle         dse     tondr   tgikK-ddnd.
Lalmati's            en-neck                »        <****&