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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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272                                                               BENGALI.
1.  In Jilbunia lived Tomeraddi, the grandson of Haidar Hlya; and in Mokamia
dwelt Lalmati, a damsel of fair complexion.
(Refrain,Q Torneraddi, keep me not ia this land.)*
2.  In Jopkhali liveth Ziaulla the merchant, and in his house was the fair Lalmati
the youngest daughter.
3.  He gave her in marriage to (Rahim Khan,) the son of Kusa Khan of Mokamia.
Long is her hair; she weareth a girdle at her waist, and a douhle amulet on her head,
4 In her ear is an earring; on her nose is gold; on her neck is a golden
5.  On her feet are tinkling anklets; and when Tomeraddi seeth these he taketh to
wandering round her homestead.
6.  Lalmati Gaiijara hath two homesteads, and when he seeth this Tomeraddi's
eyes are attracted to her,
7.  One day Tomeraddi goeth along the road, and Lalmati signalleth to him with her
hand, saying,
8.  Lalmati saith, * Tomeraddi, take heed to my words.   Come this afternoon, 0
Tomeraddi, to my homestead.'
9.  When he heard this, the soul o TSmeraddi was filled with delight*   That
afternoon did he go to Laimati's homestead.
10.  Saith Lalmati, * Tomeraddi, take heed to my words.   In my lap is a little
son.   (I cannot flee with thee.)   Take my sister-in-law, the wife of my husband's
middle brother.'
11.  Saith Lalmati, * Tomeraddi, take heed to my words.   Take first my sister-in-
law.   Weigh her and see (that she is more beautiful than I).'
12.  Saith Lalmati, 'Tomeraddi, canst thou not understand ? See if thou art able
to take and keep my sister-in-law/
13.  Saith Lalmati, * Tomeraddi, I speak to thee.   Take first my sister-in-law, and
I will follow afterwards.'
14.  Saith Tomeraddi, c Lalmati, I speak to thee.   If thou comest  afterwards,
what shall I do with her ?'
15.  Saith Lalmati,' Tomeraddi, remain thou seated for awhile.   Wait but a little
while, that I may put on my veil and come/
16.  So much saith she, and she taketh and putteth on her veil, and forth she goeth
out of the house with Tomeraddi.
17.  Saith Lalmati,' Thou hast undone the knots and dishevelled all my hair, which
I had combed and anointed with cocoa-nut oil.'
18.  When he carried off Lalmati, Tomeraddi was struck in great perplexity.   At
first he took her to Jilbunia.
19.  Perplexed was he as to what he should do, now tbat he had carried off
Lalmati.   The first day he concealed her in the house of Khijiir's mother.
20.  Thence he took her in a boat across the river, and hid her in Kadalia, in the
house of Sarabulla.
* This refrain ia repeated in the original after each verge*