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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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282                                                               BENGALI,
Ish'argr biruddhe 6 tomar nazare pap karisi:       ar    amitomarsele namer zuggi
God's   against and thy in-sight sin have-done: anymore I   thy son name's fit
nay.' Kintu bap ta> chakarderkalo/bhaloposhakano, ar 6-ke  parao:   hate
not-am.' But fathef his servants-to said, ęgood dress bring, and on-him put-on: on-hand
aa^ti   6       paye      parao.    A*    amra   kheyS    deye   amod kari; kfenona
ring and on-foot(shoes) put-on.  And (let)-us by-eating etcetera rejoicing do; because
amar ei selS mare1   zaye, pher    blchise;     she  haraye    zaj,  ar   pawa-
my this son dying going, again has-survived; he being-lost went, and has-been-
gjase?     Ar tara  amod    karti laglo.
recovered' And they rejoicing to-do began.
Takhan tar bara sele kh7ate silo: ar   zamon     barir   kase   el6,   gan   each
Then his-elder son in-field was: and    as     house's near came, song dance
shunti p^lo.  Takhan ak   zon   chakar-re d^kg batta nilo,  (e  shakaler mane
to>hear got.    Then  one person servant-to calling neics took^tUs   all's meaning
ki?' Takhan she ta-re ballo,' tomar bhai      aise,       taiti    tomair bap   ak
what?1   Then   he him told,  'thy  brother has-come, therefore   thy father one
bhoj   diyesto kenona tini ta-re bhalo bhabe  pais^n.'      Tate    she rag karlo,
feast has-given because he him well   wrtikate has-got' Upon-that he anger did,
ar  barir maddhi  zati    cheld na.    Taiti    tar   bap    bairi    elo ar  buzhoti
and house's inside to-go wanted not. Therefore his father outside cane andto-reason
laglo. She zab diye tar bap-re kalo,' dakho, eto basar ami tomir sheba
began. He answer giving his father-to told, 'see, so*many year I thy service
karsi:       kakhano tomar katha aman7a      kari   nai, tabu tnmi kakhano
have-been'domg; at-any-time thy  word disregard have-done not, still thou at'ony-time
ama-re ak-ta sagaler    sa-6       dad    nai,     ze   ami bandhuder  niyg    amod
me-to one  goat's kid-even have-given not, so-thai I   friends   taking rejoicing
kari.    Kintu zakhan tomar shei sSle eld   ze beshrader shaitge tomar shampatti
may-do.   Sut     when     thy  that son came who harlots'    with    thy  property
kheyS phelese1, tumi tar zanre ęk bhoz dile/ Pare tini tare kalSn,
eating has-throm, thou his onwcomt one feast host-given' Afterwards he him-to said,
'tumibarabar amar kase asa, ar amar zatha-shabbashTa tomar-i. Amader
1 thou always my near art, and my everything thine-only (is). Our
amod     ahlad   kara      uchit     k^nona tomar   bhai    margsilo, pare abar
rejoicing gladness Mo proper (is) because    thy   brother was-deadt then again
bachise;    she     haraye        zay, ph^r     pawa-gese.'
has-svwived; he becoming-lost did-go, again has'been-recovered.'