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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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EA.STBEN 0? KHriHA.                                                  288

The next specimen also comes from Bagerhat in Klralna.   It is part of the state-
ment of an accused person.   Note the locatire in , in kul-i, on the bank.

[No. 64.]

1NDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)

EASTERN DIAIBCT.                                                (BlefiEHiT, KHTFLNA DISTBICT.)

1  ^^ "itw <?& c^fel ^Ffc?, Ttt?, cferfara, 'isitsna ^5 1  ^t?f *R3 I*IW41

Oftf^l f*fc5> ^ CT&1 ^^ '5rfef , Ct C^Rf ^TOf ^ 'P^S stfjpfl I   *5fo [?

ilPi^l 'rt? *^^^ vbi^U "sites irfiR^ ^ ^rtf? c-f^fl wrftiirfa ^tt^ i

Cft TO CTW ^f CT  ^ CSW ^S I   Pft lltl^ ^ ?JtW

[ In this transliteration * is somewhat softer than the t of /, hnt not so soft M the in pletu*re. Pronoune* * u in
tkii, not like the K in * tell, wh ieh is represented by ii. The letters  and * (abore the line) are very un% pronounced, ud
are 'indeed, hwdly andihle. The consonant preceding them should he pronounced H if doubled.
' Pronounce a u the a inA<tf; as thee in met. The letter o (without any ditcritical mark) represent* the sound
of the first omiroM*, ud bike  in the French word o{ as compared with *6tre. It should be carefully distin-
guished from the o of Jo*.
Other consonants and towels are pronounced as in Standard Bengali.]
Guti-kaak    balak  khela   na      ki         karS        khaler      kali     Tar-pare
j.-fev>       &oy     fk*9    or    what toere-doing channel's on-bank. Jifter-this
ak-khan naukay shei teta  shei          gMte         ashse.    Ak-tu bade   shei beta
one    6nJ>o<*t  ^< man  that  to-landing-place came.   A'Uttle after that man
bap-re        ma-re       galam-re  malam-re   balse.        Tar     pare   balakera   barir
'oh father! oh mother I I-am-gone!  I-died 1' cned-out. Of-that after the-boys house's
madb/e  dauriya      gise,       'ak   beta   pagal     aise;      she   kaman     kare,'^     i
inside   running  v>erergone,*one    man   mad   has-come; he   tchat-icay  does'   this
kaite    laglo       Tar       par SaphSr Haoladar shei   ashiya    ar    ak-zan daktar
to-speaJe began.   Of-that   after   Safar Sauladar   he   coming another one    doctor
asS   Bamchandrapur      hate     ta-ri   pgslo   Osman-taiar   ban.    Shei ' daktar shei
is   Bamchandrapvr in-marJcet him he-took  Osmanulla's  louse.   That   doctor that
shamaye        dekhS            balse   ?e      e    bag-rog       haese.       Shei   shamatei
at-tvme seeing (examining) said  that  this voice^isease has-been.  That at-very-time
ak-tu      haze     marse.
little after-delay Tie-died.                     .___________
A few boys were playing about on the channel bank.   After a tims the man came
to the landing-place in a boat, aud shortly afterwards cried out, 'Alas, alas. I am