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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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281,                                                          BENGALI.
gone, I am dying.' Then the boys ran into their houses saying that a mad man had
come arid was acting in a queer way. Then Safar Hauladar came and took a doctor who
was at Eamchandrapur to Usmanulla's house. The doctor examined the man and said
that he had become speechless. At that moment, or shortly afterwards, the man
died,                                                 ___________
The Mowing specimen comes from Jessore, It is the Parable of the Prodi-
gal Son.
The translation is an excellent specimen of the dialect.
Note the tendency, which we have also observed in Western Bengali for the 3rd
singular Past to end in o in the case of intransitive, and in e in the case of transitive
verbs. Thus thaklo, he remained; utUd, he arose ; but hie, he said; dele, he gave,
The Habitual Past, as usual, is always treated as if the verb was intransitive.
Thus, klidto, they used to eat.