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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 65.]

fNDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)


BASTEEN DIALECT.                                                                     (JESSOBE DISTEICT.)

[ In this transliteration s is somewhat softer than the ss of seal, hut not so aoffc as the s ib pleature. Pronounce * as
in tkit, not like the *h in *Mlt which is represented by sL The letters ' and * (above the line) are very faintly pronounced,
and are, indeed, hardly audible. The consonant preceding them ahould be pronounced as if doubled.

Pronounce a as the a in hat ; e as the 0 in met. The letter 0 (without any diacritical mark) represents the sound of the
first o in promote, and is the o in the French word votr* as compared with vfare. It should be carefully distinguished
from the

Other consonants and vowels are pronounced as in Standard Bengali.] 
Ak   zoner   data    sal     sihu    Targe   moddi      ?6ta         zon     tar   bape-re
One   man's   two    sons   were. Of-them among the-younger person his father-to
kale,   'baba,    zamazumir       ze      bhag ami     paba      ta   ama-re   dao/     Tate
mid, 'father, of -property    what    share   I    sh%ll-get that  me-to   give.9 Thereon
she    tar-ge         bishai       bMg     kore    dele.     Eisu din   pare        sota        sal
he   qf-them tie-property division making gave.   Some days after  the-yomger son
sliakal      ak-shat     korfi        durdeshe        galo.    Shekhaae     she      phozlumi
everything    together making in~afar-cowtry  went.      There       he      debauchery
kore   apnar    shab khowaiyS   d61o,   Shab    kharach           korg               phglli
doing his-own    all      losing     gave.    All   expwditure having-made laving-wasted
pare      she-deshe     manautar   holo.     Takfcan she tanatanite parlo.     Tar     par
after inrthat-country   a-Jamine  became.     Then    he ^distress fell   Of -that after
shei      dasher        akzon          ggrosthor         kase      thaklo.        She   ta*ke  nizir
that   of-cowntry  one-person   of*a*householder   near   he-remained.   Be     him    his
bhuiti    shiior   rakti       d8le.       Sheshe    shuore       ze     khosha        khato
in-land   swine to^keep appointed.  Finally the-stoine   what     husks     vsed-to*eat
tai   diyg    pet        bhorfci iohchhe    kalle;    kintu   keu      ta    d61e   na.   Sheshe
that with his-belly     to-fill    wish   he-made ;   but any-one that  gave not. Finally
tar dhare    buddi       ali        she   kale, ' amar baper       kata            maine-khago
his in-body   sense Itaving-come he    said,   c my father's how-many       wages-eating
chakar       sasti      khati    paohche,   ar   ami bane   khidey   mattichi.   Ami  ehani
servants   toO'much   to-eat     eldrin,    and   I   here in-hwger am-dying.    I     now
amar    baper  kase      ?at       ta-re      kaba,    ubaba,  ami ParrhesVarer bgpokkh'g
my   father's near     go         him~to   will-say, "father,   I        of- God     against
6   tomar shamne T 1    korichi.     Ami   ze     tomar sal   bolfi   porche       diti   .
and of-thec before   *in have-done.     I   that     thy   son saying acoount     to-give
pattichi-ne. Tumi ama-re ak-zon      inaiBa-khege     chakaxer moto raha." '   Shesbe
am-able-not. Thou    me   me-pertvn   wages-eating    servant's like  keep'* ' Finally