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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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EASTERN OF JUSSORE,                                                     287
shg   uthg   tar    baper    kase galo.    Tar   bap   anek       duritti      ta-re        dekti
he  rising Ms .father's   near went.   His father much distance-front  him        to-see
payS,          daya       korS      doriyS   giyg, tar gala   dhdrg, tar      muki    chumo
having-got, compassion making   running goitig, his neck seizing, his on-the-face a-kiss
kbale.       Sal        ta-re   balle,   c baba, ami Parmeshvarer b£pokkhre tomar     shanme
ate.     The-son   him-to said,   'father, I       of-God       against   of*thee    before
pap   koricbi.     Imi tomar sal   bole    porche    diti    pattichi-ne.'   Kintu    baba
$m have-done.      I    thy    son saying account to-gioe arn-able*not**    But the-father
apan chakarder   ballSn, e sliiggir   shakaler bhala kapar     en£         6-re     paraye
his    servants      said,   ' quickly     of-all    good clothes bringing him-to putting-on
dao.          Er             bate      augti    6      paye   zuta   diy§    dao,   ebang    amra
give.    Of-this-one's  on-hand   a-ring and   on-feet shoes giving give,    and     (let)us
kheyfi     deyg        amod      kori,   Karan amar   ei    sal   morS    giilo5   she    abar
eating   etcetera   rejoicing make.    For    my    this son   dying    went*   Tie     again
bachgcbe;       hariye      giilo,    abar      pawa-gigche.*          Pare       tara     amod
has*survived; being-lost   went>   again   has-been-found.'   Afterwards  they  rejoicing
kotti   laglo.
to~do  began.
Ar     tar     bara        sal           mattte       s6la.       She              banr          kase
And   Us     elder       son      in-the+field      was.      He       of-the*hous&      near
eshS      nach   bazna shunti pale.  Takhau she    ak-zon     cbakar-ke   kase    dake
coming   dancing music  to-hear got.      Then   he  one-person sercant-to   near calling
zigyasha  kaHe,    ce   shab   ki?1   She ta-re balle,c tomar   bhai    aiySche      taiti
asking made, 'this all what ?' Se Um4o said, *% brother has-come, therefore
tomar bap bhoj toyer korSche, karan tini ta-re bhala abasthay payechen.*
thy father a-feast ready has-made,   because  he   him good in-condition    has-got. *
Kintu she  rage   utlo,        barlr       moddi    zati   chale-na.      Tar-pare   tar   bap
But    he angry arose,  qf-the-house  inside   to-go  wished-not. Thereafter Us father
baire esh6 ta-rS buznti laglo. Eintu she tar bape-re koti laglo,
outside coming him to-remonstrate began. But he his father-to to-say began,
'dakha, ami addiu dhorS tomar sheba kottichi, tomar kono katha kono
c Xo»     I   so-many-days  for      thy   service am-doing,    thy    any     word    any
din    aman^a   kori-ni,     tate        tumi kakhan-6 ama-re     ak-ti     sagaler      sa
day disobeyed did^ot, nevertheless thou      ever ,  me-to one-single goat's  young-one
dao-ni, ?e amar bandhugau niyg amod kori; kintu tomar ei sal
gavest-nots that my friends taking rejoicing Lmay-make; but thy this son
ze    besh^eder   shate tomar samudai  shainpatti   uriy§    diy^che, she     zakhan
who    of-harlots with     thy      whole     property  wasting has-given$ he       when
alo,   takhan tumi    tar        zatfi       bara   korS   bboj   dfifi.'   Kintu she ta-ie
he-came, then   thou of~himfor-the*sake great doing feast gavest.'   But    he Un-to
kale, 'basa, tumi   shab   sornai   amax shate   asa,   ar     za     hay shabito   tSmar.
said, 'son,  thou (at] all time     my   with   art, and  what   i*      all    thine (is).