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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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290                                                         BENGALI.

' kane    zati             habe P*              She balle, ' amar gota dui dhaner   pato

taid> 'whither to-go will-it*be- (necessary)? He said,  'my some two of -paddy plants
mare-diti              habe/              Ami ballam. ' churi    korS-diti            parbo-na,5

to*uproot it*will»le*(neee®awj)!    I    said,   'theft to-carryout   Lwill*be-alle-not,'
balSam.    Tate     hallo, *tumi asha,     ze   amra     marbo    ane.' Ami ballam, *ar
I-mid*  Thereon he~$aid9  'you come, that   we   shall-uproot now.*   I    said,  'else
ked§?' Balle, 'Baktar Shak.5   Ami baliam, * tabe chalo   zai.5    Tar-par   ora pato
who ? He*$aid, ' £aktdr She&h.'    I   said,  c then come let~u$*go.9 Thereon they plants

kholay galo...*. .....     Zere     Narim Shaddar balle, * Zashim, Hashim, ama-ke khun

fofeldwent ...... ....JfteiwardtNarim Sarddr said*  'Jasim,  Edsim9   me    mwder

kalle Baktar Shak.5     Tar-par ami        ai-dike       daurS giye dakhlam    hate

did Baktar Shekh.' Thereafter I in*that*directicw running going   saw    on*the-hand

Icop    marilo,    ar   Baktar   hao   hat   diyg Narimer hat       shariye       dhalle.
Q-Uow he-8truek> and Baktdr left hand with Narim's hand thrnsting-aside he-held.

paa    hat   diyg   or    galay            da         badie   d6le.   Ami Baktar-ke dhaibar

Might hand with his  oft-neok  a*bill*hook striking gave.     1   Baktar   of-seizing
zanyi giyfiiam,    dhatti    pallarn     na.       Matbar    kase   dariye   selam.
for     ioent>     to-wise Lwas-aWe not, Of-the*head near standing Lwas.


Baktar has committed murder. I saw him and Urne§ do it. Baktar said to me at
midday, * Jehed, go to Urne^'s house this evening/ Accordingly, I went that night,
after eating, to Ume^s house. UmeS told me to eat and stay tbete for the night. At
midnight, Ume£ went out in the direction of the canal, and after he came back told me
that it Was time to go* I asked where we had to go, and he said, * we have to uproot a
few paddy plants of mine/ I told him that I should not he able to do any stealing, and
he told me to come, and that he and some one else would do the uprooting. I said, cwho
else ?' and he said, * Baktar Sbekh,1 Then I said,c come along; let us be going.' So they

went off to afield of paddy plants..........After a time I heard Narim Sardar crying out,

c Jasira! Hasim 1 Baktar Shekh has murdered me.* I ran up in the direction of the voice
and saw Baktar strike him on the forearm. He also held Narim's arm to one side with
his left hand, while, with his right hand, he gashed him on the neck with a bill-Book. I
ran up to catch hold of Baktar, but could not do so, and remained standing by the head
of the murdered man.

It is unnecessary to give any specimens from Faridpur. The dialect and its
pronunciation are the same as in Jessore. In the extreme south, the dialect is the same
as that of Backergurtge, vide p. 264