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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[ No, 76.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP,)


SoUTBkEASTEBN DIALECT*                                                                     (CHITTAGONG DlSTBICT.)

(J. D* Anderson, ESQ., I.C.8., 1896.)

Nof B.— As in other Bengali Balecfc, the spelling does not agree with the pronunciation, An interlinear phonetic transcrip-
tion is therefore given-in italics. In this transcription proaoance 0, like the a in hai ; *, like the e in met ; 59 like the
ğ in cob ; e, like the a in oat* ; 5, like the o in home $ and Mt l&e the Scotch cA in foc&. The sign rv over a vowel
ikes it. An apostrophe hefore a vowel, thus, 'oil, means a very faint aspiration.)

Egua   mansyer   duya  poya   achhil.   Chhoduya   tar baya-re  kaila, cbaya-ji,
Egwd mdwher   dud     pud      dsil.      Chodud     tar   bdu-re   koilo,  'bd'd-zi,
One        man's         two           sons           were.       The-yonnger     his      father-to      said,      'Father,
tr   hielichhai    sainpatti   are  deya.'   Tan  ya    aehhil   tai-a-rt bhag   kari    diL
Sr      'isdr         hmpoti  a-re   deo.'    Tan   za,      ml    tdra-re Widg   gori    diL
my     of-sbare                wealth       me-to      give/      He      what        was       them-to    division making    gave.
Alpa     kadini  bade  chlioda  poya  hakkalain   attax  kari   dure   ek   deyat   gel,
Qlpo      Jcodin   bade    ohodo    pud    hokolain    otor   gori   dure   ek    deot   gel9
A-few      some-days afterwards the-younger  son        everything  together making   afar      a   country-in    went,
hende   sandami  kari  tar   dhan  iakkalaia   nrail   Jatte   tS   liakkalain   kharach
Jityde Jtonddmi  gori   tar    dhdn   hokolain    urdil.  Zotte   te    h&kdlain     khdros
there       dissipation   making    his      wealth         all         squandered.   When    he      everything     expenditure
kari  pnelaila   hitte  hei  deyat  kup   girani  hail.    Tahan   ar   tatte   kiohbn
9^  peldilti    heote   lie   deot    kub  girani   'oil.      Tffon    dr   tdtte     kisu
havlng-made threw-away     then  in-thai  coontry  great     famine   became.      Then    any -more   when    anything
na   rabiL   Te  aiyare   ai   dSyar   eg   janar  hange   attar    hail,   tai   tare    tan
no ro*il.   Te  diydre  ft  deor    eg   zmor    honge   otor     *wlt   tai   td-re   tan
uut  remained.   Ee     coming  that rf-conntry   one    person-of      with       with     became,      he      him         his
yata     huyar charanar lai-di  pedaila.   Huyarİ  ye  kura    kMita   hei   kuray
zoto       huor  soronor   ldiğd& peddlo*   Ewre     te   kurd    khdito   hei   kuray
an-many-as-vtre    pigs    of-grazmg       for              sent.       The-pigs     what  husks      osed-to-eat   these   husks
ar  ped  bharaita;  ar  kpna mansye   tare   kichhu   naidda.   Te   yahan bujhit
tar pe$ bhordito ;   dr kono  mdnshe   td~re    km    noddy 6.   Te   ztfm    buzit
his     belly    he-wopld-fill ;  and     any      man        him-to   any-thing  did-not-give,   He     when to-understani
pailla, takhan te kalla, *-5yar bayar  kaduya  chayare   katain   khay   6    katai
paMd)   to* fa    te kd'Ho,   *3f   bdor    kodud     sdore      kotain   Mtdy   d   kotain.
he-got,        then      he     said,       4my    father's  how^many      servants    how-much      eat    and  howmiwh
plielay,  ar  ai  uyase   marir,   Ai udi   ayar    bayar  kachhe    yai   kaim     ye
pelay,    dr  ai   ttdshe  morir. A%   udi     ar      bdor      lease      tai   ko'um   ze
throw-avray, *ud    I   by-hunger    die.        I     arising     my     of-father       near       going      will-say  that
^baya-ji, ai    ^trarar   6 aouar kachhe   dosh   kargl   Ai ar   aonar   poya   bull
^ M^hww & aunar   Jcdse    dush    korgj.   M   dr   aundr   pud   buli
1      of -God    and  ofthee     neat      sin       have-done.    |  more     thy            soa     calling