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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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amod   ahlad   karanar   lai    kona   din   Syare   egua   chhaolar chha
dmud    aldd   koronor   lai    bond    din   fid-re   egwa    savior sa

merriment  joy        of-making  for       any        day     me-to        one           goat's      kid

lr  aona^   pdya   belya   lai    tar   hakkal   sampatti   yei    urai-ail,
Ar   aitn&r  pm   beshya   lift   tar   ho&ol      hompoti   ze     urdi-dil)

And       thy         son      harlots     taking  his      entire             property      who      squandered,

tar  lai   nimantran  tlilak.'   Tai ta-re ka*ila, tfo   put!   tui   hamisa
tdr lai nimontron    dilfiL* Tai ta-re M'tld*  *d  put 1   tui   hdmishd

of-him for     a-feast               gavesf     He  him-to      said^    *0      son!    thou      always

achhas;    ar   5yar    kachhe   ye   achhe    hakkalain   tor.    Tor   M
asosh;    ar    ar        lease     *e     dse      hokftain    tor.    T6Y   e

art;           and    of-me        near        irhat      is                all           (is)-thine.    Thy   this

bachchhe;   tare   hajaiyare   pai;  eitar   lai   TrTingi   haiyare   amod
lam;    ta-re   *ataiyare  pdi;  etar   lai  Jchiiahi  *wyare   amid

hath-snrmed;    him      having-losfc      I-get;    of-this     for     happy        being       rejoicing



not didst-thon-give.

heyane   aone

here       thoa

ayar   Ijachbe

my          near

bhai    mari

bhdi     mori

brother having-died,

karan   uchita

koron      ttsit

making        proper

I am also indebted to Mr. Anderson for the second specimen of the Cbittagong
dialect. It is a popular Folk-tale. After the foil description of the pronunciation of this
Dialect which has been given above and illustrated in the preceding specimen, it has not

been thought necessary to give an exact transcription in the Roman Character in this
specimen also.