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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 68.]
1NDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                        (EASTERN GROUP,)
SOUTH-EASTEBN DIALECT.                                                     (CHITTAGONG DISTRICT.)
(J. Z>. Anderson, Esq., I.C.8., 1897.)
Ek     baanar  8gwa rnunish poa fail.* Oi    poa kisu    leya     p6ra   n6 zamta
One Brahman's one   male   child was. That toy any writing reading not knew*
Tar   biyar     pfa   tar        tour         barit    niy5ntr6n   hoil.   Niy5ntr6n6t     zate
His marriage after his father-in-law's house-to invitation   was. To-invitation on-going
tar    ma    koilo,   ' 0 put, 6gwa    poisa     ne,        pflth6fc        kisu                kini
his mother said,   'Oson,    one      pice    take,   fa-tfa-way  something         buying
khaisb, ar         hour             barit   htffllar u'6rž   boish,      mida-mu'e         kuilar
eat, and father-in-law's  howe*in of~all  above   sit,    with-sweet-mouth   cuckoo'i
m5t6 kStha k6ish.f Poa p5the-di ?ate   8gwa poisar mida   kini  nilo,     * b6ur
like  word speak* Soy   by-path going   one  pice's sweets buying took, father-Maw's
barit   zai  say  Sgwa ktu^ya   ho'oUthun och&l, te     falayare    kurgyar    mathar
home going saw   one haystack   all-than higher^ Ke   by-leaping haystack's   head
u'&r      udi           b6fi    mu^r   bhitar   midž        di      'kuhkuh*   g6ri     kStha
upon mounting    sitting mouth's   inside sweets   putting    'coo coo' making speech
koilo.     Kdthyfln bade tar   hourflre           de'i    ziggailo,     * Hourflr      put, tžar
spoke.    Some-time after his father*in-law   seeing    asked,   'Father-in-law's son, thy
biya         'oye   ni P* Tar       hour                kisu      n6   kfiilQ       Tar-p6r   bhat
marriage has*been$ eh ? Sis father-in-law     anything   not  said.    Thereafter rice
khayare        achaitS        zai tar       h6ur6-re        ziggailo,   * Ei   khal kattil
having-eaten to-wash-mouth gowuj his father-in-law-(ofy asked9    * This canal    cut
?e   madi    ki     ^II?1     Tar       hour        t6fSn b6r6 ghoshwa     foil.     Te   k6a6,
when earth what became?'   Eis father-in-law then very   angry    became. He   said9
'atbakhain    madi ai khaii ar    athakhain  tor    babe   khaye,   nay    tore   ke-a
1 half-portion earth I  ate, and half-portion thy  father    ate,     else   to-tbee why
maiya      di-i ?'
daughter (I) gave ?
lTbia is a little folk-story given to me by Babu Nobin Chandra Das, Deputy Magistrate and a well-known Bengali
anthor. He tells me that hi is a little apologue much nsed by Bengali married ladies when they bear of a son-in*
law turning out badly. It is also used by female relatives when they < chaff'1 a boy on his wedding night,
*In Chittagong and in Eastern Bengal generally, f is pronounced s and ╗T*T are all alike pronounced as tL
Consequently, in writing down tbis folk-story these letters aie used, not phonetically* but where they would be uatdia
literary PengtU, The transliteration into English letters is až nearly phonetic as possible^-J. D. A╗l>╗isoir.