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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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{No. 69.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP,)


SOUTH-EASTER DIALECT.                                           (HATIij KOAKHALI ^^
[In the.phonetictranscription'representBthedision of an aspirate, which gives a pronunciation like thatof k in the
French word M<.   a * ^nonnced hard, as in «fe, «», and not a, the ,k in ^W.which i, represented b,1   Ji
somewhat softer than the* of zeoJ.bnt not so soft as the* in feature.
Renounce «" as the a in Ao*,-e astheainawi^astheoinio*,. and of as in otf. The letter o fwithont oar diacritical
n^yrepresentetheshortsoundrftheamiom Itis the firctoin^fc.and isthe o in the'French wo"rd «*« »
eomparedwrihtxftwr. It should he oarefnlly distinguished from the <5 of hot.
Other consonants and vowels ate pronounced as in the authorized Government system.]
Ek-jan    mainser   duga   hola    aohhU.   Hiyar   madhye   chhudugay     heitar
Ek-zon   mavnsher   dug&   Mia      dsU.     Star   moiddhe     sudugdy        heitar
One-person       man's            two        sons           were.     Of-them     among            the-'yonnger                his
baphe-re   ka'il,   'Myaji,    5r    bhage    mal    yigia   hare    higin   l-re deo,'     ar
Ufe-re    &5'*Z,    (l>da>zi,   Sr    Vage    mal    sfyin    tore   higin   Sre    ddot'    dr
-father-to        said,         'father,        my   in-share   property     what       falls        that     ms-to     give,'      and
heite-6   heitar   byak    bitta   holaiae-re   bhag    kari     dil.   Hiyar   kadin      bade
heite-o   heitar    byak    Utto   holai-ne-re   Vag     Jeori    dU.   JSidr   ko-din      bade
he^lso     of-him      entire       wealth      to-his-sons    division having-made   gave.    OMhis   some-days        after
chhoda   hola   byakgin attar kari lal ek durai ek    de^e   beraita  gel; hiyane heite
. sMo    hold byakgw ottor kori loi  ek ditroi ek   deshe    berdito  gel,- hidne heite
ihe-younger  son    every-thing together making taking a     far     a    to-country   to-wander  went;   there        he
sandami kari   heitar   byak   bitta   urai-dil.   lr heite   yesum     byak    kharaoh
9h6y4wM> *^  heitdr   bydk   bitto   wrai-diL  Ar heite  zeshim      byak     Mores
dissipation    doing       his         entire      wealth        wasted.     And     he        when        everything eipenditure
kari     halail,   hei   d§£§   khob   rad    'aola,    ar  heite-6   kharacher     tanatanite
kori      hdldU, hei   deshe  khob   rod   'oilo,   dr   heite-6   Jehjordser      jdnatanite
hamg-made dissipated, that  in-country very    famine happened,  and     he-also     of-expenditura         in-tronbl«
phairta   lagil.     Hesum   heite   hei        deli       ek  saharuyar     lage   yai    attar
phawtd   Idgil.    Eeshum   heite hei        deshi      ek    ahohontdr    Uge    zdi   ottor
to-fall       hegan.           Then            he       that helonging-to-eonntry one        citizen-of        with   gobg  together
'ail;   ar ai    saharuay   heita-re   tar   kshete   ^uor   charaita     dil.     lr   heite
fSUt   ar   oi   shdhortidy  heitd-re   far    khete   shuor   soraito     dU.     Ar   heite
became; and that        citizen              him           his       field-in      pigs        to-tend   gave (sent).   And     he
scorer   khaoner   kura   khob   khusi    'ai    khai het   bhairta  cha'ita;   ar   ke-6
shMrer tihddner    Teurd  %hob   KbwU    >oi   Mai  het  bhoirto    sd'ito;    dr   ke-o
of-the-pigs        husks      very       happy   becoming eating belly      to-fill           wished;     and    anyone
kichhu   heita-re    dita-na.    Ar   yesum    heitar      'us    'a!l,     hesum   heite ka'il
kiw     heitd-re    dtto-nd,   J.r   geshwn    hetiar     'fah   'oft,    heshfwi   heite ko'il,
anything       him-to           gave-not.      And       when            his            senses  became,       then             he      ssid,
'Share,   ar bapher   thiya   cha'orera-6    khay   bilay,   ar    ai   an-bhok§    maran
'dhdre,   or   bdfer^     thid     $a'6rerd-o    M%    W%,   dr    Si    on-bhoke    moron
'ai,        my     father's  temporary   servants-even   eat (and) throw-away, and     I     in-food-hnnger